Top 64 universities in Belgium: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1Catholic University of LeuvenLeuven
2Ghent UniversityGhent
3Free University of BrusselsBrussels
4Free University of Brussels - VUB25%Brussels
5Catholic University of LouvainLouvain-la-Neuve
6University of AntwerpAntwerp
7University of LiegeLiege
8Hasselt UniversityHasselt
9University of NamurNamur
10Institute of Tropical Medicine25%Antwerp
11University of MonsMons
12University College of the Province of LiegeJemeppe-sur-Meuse
13School of Graphic ResearchSaint-Gilles
14University College GhentGhent
15Vlerick Business School45%Ghent
16Howest University of Applied SciencesKortrijk
17Thomas More University of Applied SciencesMechelen
18Plantijn University CollegeAntwerp
20Karel de Grote - University CollegeAntwerp
21Odisee University of Applied SciencesBrussels
22Artevelde University College GhentGhent
23PXL University CollegeHasselt
24LUCA School of ArtsBrussels
25University College Leuven-LimburgHeverlee
26Saint-Louis University - BrusselsBrussels
27Antwerp Management School45%Antwerp
28Mosane Free University CollegeLiege
29Erasmus University College, BrusselsBrussels
30La Cambre National School of Visual Arts15%Brussels
31University College of Louvain en HainautMons
32Robert Schuman University College5%Libramont
33Leonardo da Vinci University CollegeBrussels
34Albert Jacquard University CollegeNamur
35Provincial University College of Hainaut-CondorcetMons
36Royal Conservatory of Brussels35%Brussels
37University College of Namur-Liege-LuxembourgNamur
38University College of the Town of LiegeLiege
39Hainaut University CollegeMons
40Antwerp Maritime AcademyAntwerp
41ICHEC Brussels Management SchoolBrussels
42Brussels Free University College-Ilya PrigogineBrussels
43Institut Superieur de Formation Sociale et de CommunicationBrussels
44University College of Bruxelles-BrabantBrussels
45Higher Institute of Music and PedagogyNamur
46Higher National Institute of Performing Arts and Diffusion TechniquesBrussels
47Arts - Academy of Arts65%Mons
48Evangelical Theological Faculty, LeuvenLeuven
49EPHEC University CollegeBrussels
50Francisco Ferrer University CollegeBrussels
51Charlemagne University CollegeLiege
52Galilee University CollegeBrussels
53Institute of Visual ArtsLouvain-la-Neuve
54School of Arts Saint-Luc de Liege75%Liege
55Vesalius CollegeBrussels
56Lucia de Brouckere University CollegeBrussels
57University College of the Province of NamurNamur
58Saint-Luc Institute of TournaiRamegnies-Chin
59Paul-Henri Spaak University CollegeBrussels
60Transnational University of LimburgDiepenbeek
61School of Arts of the City of LiegeLiege
62Academy of Fine Arts, TournaiTournai
63Institutes of Saint-Luc de BruxellesSaint-Gilles
64Royal Conservatory of LiegeLiege

The best cities to study in Belgium based on the number of universities and their ranks are Leuven, Ghent, Brussels, and Louvain-la-Neuve.

Average cost of living for students in Belgium is $687 + $105-748 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).