Top 81 universities in Algeria: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Sciences and Technology Houari BoumedieneAlgiers
2University of TlemcenTlemcen
3University of Constantine 1Constantine
4National School of Computer Science5%Algiers
5University of BiskraBiskra
6University of Science and Technology of Oran65%Oran
7University of BouiraBouira
8University of MostaganemMostaganem
9University of Sidi-Bel-AbbesSidi Bel Abbes
10National Polytechnic School, AlgeriaAlgiers
11Ferhat Abbas Setif University 185%Setif
12University of OuarglaOuargla
13University of Batna 1Batna
14University of LaghouatLaghouat
15Univerisity of Tizi-OuzouTizi-Ouzou
16University of Oran 1Oran
17University of BejaiaBejaia
18University of AnnabaAnnaba
19University of ChlefChlef
20University of Blida 165%Blida
21El-Oued UniversityEl Oued
22University of M'silaM'Sila
23University of JijelJijel
24University of MedeaMedea
2520 August 1955 University of SkikdaSkikda
26University of TebessaTebessa
27University of Algiers 1Algiers
28University of Constantine 2Constantine
29University of Batna 295%Batna
30Bechar UniversityBechar
318 Mai 1945 Guelma University55%Guelma
32University of Mascara75%Mascara
33University of BoumerdesBoumerdes
34University of TiaretTiaret
35University of DjelfaDjelfa
36National Graduate School of Agronomy25%Algiers
37University of Oum El BouaghiOum El Bouaghi
38University of Setif 275%Setif
39University of SaidaSaida
40Architecture and Urban Design Polytechnic National SchoolAlgiers
41National School of Hydraulic Engineering, BlidaBlida
42National School of Marine Science and Coastal PlanningAlgiers
43University of GhardaiaGhardaia
44University of Algiers 2Algiers
45University of Bordj Bou ArreridjBordj Bou Arreridj
46University of Souk AhrasSouk Ahras
47National Polytechnic School of OranOran
48Ahmed Draia University of AdrarAdrar
49Emir Abdelkader University of Islamic SciencesConstantine
50University of Oran 2Bir El Djir
51University of Constantine 3Constantine
52University of Algiers 3Algiers
53National Polytechnic School of ConstantineConstantine
54University of Khemis MilianaKhemis Miliana
55School of Higher Commercial Studies15%Algiers
56University of KhenchelaKhenchela
57Moulay Ahmed Medeghri National School of AdministrationAlgiers
58National School of Public WorksAlgiers
59Blida 2 UniversityEl Affroun
60Graduate School of Computer ScienceSidi Bel Abbes
61National Veterinary School of AlgiersAlgiers
62National School of TechnologyRouiba
63National School of ManagementTipaza
64University of El-TarfEl Taref
65Graduate School of MagistracyAlgiers
66Graduate School of Business, AlgeriaAlgiers
67National School of BiotechnologyConstantine
68Graduate School of Management of TlemcenTlemcen
69National School of Mines and MetallurgyAnnaba
70National School of Political SciencesAlgiers
71Graduate School of Electrical and Power Engineering of OranOran
72Graduate School of Applied Sciences of TlemcenTlemcen
73Graduate School of Management Sciences of AnnabaAnnaba
74National School of Statistics and Applied EconomicsAlgiers
75National School of Journalism and Information SciencesAlgiers
76Graduate School of Applied Sciences of AlgiersAlgiers
77Graduate School of Food Sciences and Food IndustriesAlgiers
78Graduate School of Industrial Technologies of AnnabaAnnaba
79Higher School of Biological Sciences of OranOran
80Graduate School of Accounting and Finance of ConstantineConstantine
81Graduate School of Economics of OranOran

The best cities to study in Algeria based on the number of universities and their ranks are Algiers, Tlemcen, Constantine, and Biskra.

Average cost of living for students in Algeria is $237 + $27-189 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).