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We ranked West Virginia State University based on its reputation, research performance, and alumni impact. We processed 7.17K citations received by 361 publications made by universities in Institute, measured the popularity of 16 recognized alumni, and utilized the largest available links database to calculate the non-academic prominence.

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Universities near Institute

Distance, km
Country rank
14 University of Charleston 1093
United States Flag
Charleston, West Virginia
58 Marshall University 308
United States Flag
Huntington, West Virginia
71 Tri-State Bible College 2387
United States Flag
South Point, Ohio
77 University of Rio Grande 1283
United States Flag
Rio Grande, Ohio
77 Appalachian Bible College 2174
United States Flag
Mount Hope, West Virginia
85 West Virginia University Institute of Technology 1328
United States Flag
Beckley, West Virginia
95 West Virginia University at Parkersburg 1747
United States Flag
Parkersburg, West Virginia
101 Glenville State College 1437
United States Flag
Glenville, West Virginia
103 Kentucky Christian University 1808
United States Flag
Grayson, Kentucky
105 Ohio Valley University 1872
United States Flag
Vienna, West Virginia