Best university in Minot, ND

We ranked Minot State University based on its reputation, research performance, and alumni impact. We processed 7.55K citations received by 340 publications made by universities in Minot, measured the popularity of 6 recognized alumni, and utilized the largest available links database (to compare non-academic prominence).

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Universities near Minot

Distance, km
Country rank
92 Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College 2257
United States Flag
New Town, North Dakota
135 Turtle Mountain Community College 1896
United States Flag
Belcourt, North Dakota
161 Bismarck State College 1655
United States Flag
Bismarck, North Dakota
163 University of Mary 1174
United States Flag
Bismarck, North Dakota
168 United Tribes Technical College 1805
United States Flag
Bismarck, North Dakota
188 Dickinson State University 1329
United States Flag
Dickinson, North Dakota
203 Brandon University 55
Canada Flag
243 Sitting Bull College 1902
United States Flag
Fort Yates, North Dakota
244 University of Jamestown 1527
United States Flag
Jamestown, North Dakota
287 Valley City State University 1416
United States Flag
Valley City, North Dakota