Top 65 universities in Myanmar: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Computer Studies, Yangon45%Yangon
2University of Medicine, MandalayMandalay
3Yangon UniversityYangon
4Mandalay UniversityMaha Aungmye
5University of Medicine 1, YangonYangon
6Yezin Agricultural UniversityNaypyidaw
7Yangon Technological UniversityInsein
8University of Computer Studies, MandalayPatheingyi
9University of Medicine, MagwayMagway
10University of Foreign Languages, YangonKamayut
11Mandalay Technological UniversityPatheingyi
12Dagon UniversityNorth Dagon
13University of Medicine 2, YangonNorth Okkalapa
14University of Veterinary Science, YezinNaypyidaw
15West Yangon Technological UniversityHlaingthaya
16Kalay UniversityKalay
17University of Nursing, YangonLanmadaw
18Myeik UniversityMyeik
19Yadanabon UniversityAmarapura
20University of Dental Medicine, YangonThingangyun
21University of Medical Technology, YangonKamayut
22Hinthada UniversityHinthada
23Myanmar Aerospace Engineering UniversityMeiktila
24University of Dental Medicine, MandalayMandalay
25University of Public Health, YangonYangon
26Maubin UniversityMaubin
27Technological University, MandalayPatheingyi
28University of Community Health, MagwayMagway
29University of Pharmacy, MandalayMandalay
30University of Technology, Yadanabon Cyber CityYatanarpon Cyber City
31East Yangon UniversityThanlyin
32Myanmar Maritime UniversityThanlyin
33Pyay Technological UniversityPyay
34Shwebo UniversityShwebo
35Technological University, BhamosBhamo
36Technological University, DaweiDawei
37Technological University, HinthadaHinthada
38Technological University, HpaanHpaan
39Technological University, KalayKalay
40Technological University, Kyaing TongKengtung
41Technological University, KyaukseKyaukse
42Technological University, LashioLashio
43Technological University, LoikawLoikaw
44Technological University, MagwayMagway
45Technological University, MaubinMaubin
46Technological University, MawlamyineMawlamyaing
47Technological University, MeikhtilaMeiktila
48Technological University, MonywaMonywa
49Technological University, MyeikMyeik
50Technological University, MyitkyinaMyitkyina
51Technological University, PakokkuPakokku
52Technological University, PatheinPathein
53Technological University, PinlonLoilem
54Technological University, SagaingSagaing
55Technological University, SittweSittwe
56Technological University, TaunggyiTaunggyi
57Technological University, TaungooTaungoo
58Technological University, YamethinYamethin
59Thanlyin Technological UniversityThanlyin
60University of Medical Technology, MandalayPatheingyi
61University of Nursing, MandalayChanmyathazi
62National University of Arts and Culture, MandalayPatheingyi
63Technological University, HmawbiHmawbi
64University of Forestry and Environmental Science, YezinYezin
65University of Pharmacy, YangonNorth Okkalapa

The best cities to study in Myanmar based on the number of universities and their ranks are Yangon, Mandalay, Maha Aungmye, and Naypyidaw.

Average cost of living for students in Myanmar is $354 + $63-451 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).