Top 65 universities in Mongolia: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1National University of Mongolia5%Ulaanbaatar
2Mongolian University of Science and Technology15%Ulaanbaatar
3Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences15%Ulaanbaatar
4Mongolian University of Life SciencesUlaanbaatar
5Khovd UniversityKhovd
6Mongolian State University of EducationUlaanbaatar
7Orkhon UniversityUlaanbaatar
8University of the HumanitiesUlaanbaatar
9Mongolia International UniversityUlaanbaatar
10Gurvan Tamir CollegeTsetserleg
11Mongolian State University of Arts and CultureUlaanbaatar
12International University of UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar
13The Ikh Zasag UniversityUlaanbaatar
14University of Finance and EconomicsUlaanbaatar
15Otgontenger University85%Ulaanbaatar
16Mongolian University of Science and Technology STDADarkhan
17The Academy of ManagementUlaanbaatar
18Institute of Engineering and TechnologyUlaanbaatar
19Mandakh University95%Ulaanbaatar
20Ach Medical UniversityUlaanbaatar
21San InsituteUlaanbaatar
22Citi UniversityUlaanbaatar
23New Medicine InstituteUlaanbaatar
24Ulaanbaatar-Erdem UniversityUlaanbaatar
25Ulaanbaatar State University35%Ulaanbaatar
26Dornod UniversityChoibalsan
27Etugen UniversitySukhbaatar
28Global Leadership UniversityUlaanbaatar
29Gurvan Erdene Institute of PedagogyUlaanbaatar
30Mongolian National Institute of Physical EducationUlaanbaatar
31Shihihutug Law InstituteUlaanbaatar
32The Institute of International StudiesUlaanbaatar
33Transportation InstituteUlaanbaatar
34Tsetsee Goun Institute of Management45%Ulaanbaatar
35Otoch Manramba UniversityUlaanbaatar
36Soyol-Erdem CollegeUlaanbaatar
37University of Pharmaceutical ScienceUlaanbaatar
38School of Agroecology and BusinessDarkhan
39Tushee InstituteUlaanbaatar
40Institute of International Economics and BusinessUlaanbaatar
41Mongolian National UniversityUlaanbaatar
42Setguulch InstituteUlaanbaatar
43Tenger InstituteUlaanbaatar
44Avarga InstituteUlaanbaatar
45Chinggis Khaan InstituteUlaanbaatar
46Darkhan InstituteDarkhan
47Enerel Medical InstituteUlaanbaatar
48Gazarchin University of MongoliaUlaanbaatar
49Gegee CollegeUlaanbaatar
50Great Mongol InstituteUlaanbaatar
51Ider UniversityUlaanbaatar
52Institute of Social ScienceUlaanbaatar
53Mon-Altius InstituteUlaanbaatar
54Mongol InstituteUlaanbaatar
55Mongolian Labour and Social Relations InstituteUlaanbaatar
56Mongolian State ConservatoryUlaanbaatar
57National Technical UniversityUlaanbaatar
58Seruuleg InstituteUlaanbaatar
59Shine Irgenshil InstituteUlaanbaatar
60Zasagt Khan InstituteUlaanbaatar
61Zokhiomj InstituteUlaanbaatar
62Huree UniversityUlaanbaatar
63Language and Civilisation InstituteUlaanbaatar
64National University of EconomicsUlaanbaatar
65Sutai InstituteUlaanbaatar

The best cities to study in Mongolia based on the number of universities and their ranks are Ulaanbaatar, Khovd, Tsetserleg, and Darkhan.

Average cost of living for students in Mongolia is $314 + $41-290 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).