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#59 of 2,785 In Europe
#1 of 385 In Russia
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#25 of 1,946 For Theoretical Physics
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Acceptance rate
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Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate12%
Admissions RequirementsSecondary school certificate (Attestat o srednem obrazovanii) and entrance examination. Pregraduate course certificate for foreign students
Academic CalendarSeptember to July (September - January; February-July)

We've calculated the 12% acceptance rate for Moscow State University based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

Moscow State University is a world-class research university with 123,616 scientific papers published and 1,428,821 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Quantum and Particle physics, Biology, Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, and Computer Science.


Moscow State University majors

by publication & citation count

86,854 / 1,043,660
82,490 / 1,064,783
75,998 / 888,167
Quantum and Particle physics
68,925 / 832,639
65,774 / 851,828
Organic Chemistry
54,202 / 682,622
Materials Science
50,468 / 602,456
Environmental Science
47,958 / 527,993
36,154 / 543,290
Computer Science
31,563 / 368,048
29,680 / 326,521
Optical Engineering
29,248 / 353,867
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
29,104 / 264,679
27,152 / 410,537
26,729 / 326,822
Metallurgical Engineering
21,226 / 252,557
Geography and Cartography
20,693 / 216,691
18,878 / 203,392
Nuclear Physics
18,691 / 261,901
17,559 / 206,325
Astrophysics and Astronomy
16,315 / 226,523
15,547 / 110,266
Electrical Engineering
14,721 / 178,170
14,513 / 137,675
Physical chemistry
14,474 / 181,985
Chemical Engineering
13,078 / 170,237
Condensed Matter Physics
12,322 / 154,210
11,896 / 119,772
11,578 / 155,574
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
10,064 / 85,547
10,040 / 107,486
Atomic and Molecular physics
9,571 / 122,614
9,538 / 99,222
Political Science
9,525 / 50,964
9,055 / 120,290
8,874 / 49,702
8,825 / 57,950
8,813 / 58,551
Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
8,713 / 98,029
8,437 / 100,190

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1990 705 3211
1991 807 3677
1992 845 4340
1993 853 4728
1994 1006 5697
1995 1066 6356
1996 1397 6829
1997 1462 7066
1998 1680 8331
1999 1835 10036
2000 2322 10924
2001 2516 12660
2002 2551 13785
2003 2602 16191
2004 2590 18645
2005 2814 22487
2006 3286 26012
2007 3757 29171
2008 2790 32043
2009 2870 35223
2010 3005 37171
2011 3140 43038
2012 3287 49045
2013 3728 55258
2014 3758 58602
2015 4314 65838
2016 4899 73178
2017 5673 80620
2018 6451 86357
2019 7980 101513
2020 8521 120421
2021 9252 149886
2022 8439 142366
Academic rankings


The tuition table for Moscow State University gives an overview of costs but prices are approximate and subject to change and don't include accommodation, textbooks, or living expenses. The costs of programs might differ significantly for local and international students. The only source of truth for current numbers is the university's official website.

Faculty Tuition Cost (per year)
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Physics 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Chemistry 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Biology 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Computer Science 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Economics 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Law 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Journalism 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Psychology 350,000 RUB
Faculty of Sociology 350,000 RUB

The currency used is Russian Ruble (RUB).

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by Moscow State University.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design Yes Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine Yes Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Bakalavr Administration, Advertising and Publicity, African Studies, Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Art History, Asian Studies, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Cinema and Television, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Economics, Environmental Management, Fine Arts, Geography, Geology, Human Resources, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Linguistics, Management, Mathematics, Meteorology, Philology, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Radiophysics, Regional Studies, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Soil Science, Surveying and Mapping, Tourism
Diplom Spetsialista Astronomy and Space Science, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Cinema and Television, Clinical Psychology, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Special Education, Translation and Interpretation
Magistr Accountancy, Advertising and Publicity, African Studies, American Studies, Applied Chemistry, Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Art History, Asian Studies, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Civil Law, Classical Languages, Clinical Psychology, Commercial Law, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Cultural Studies, Eastern European Studies, Ecology, Economics, Embryology and Reproduction Biology, Entomology, Environmental Management, Ethnology, European Studies, Experimental Psychology, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, Genetics, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Histology, History, Immunology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inorganic Chemistry, International Law, Journalism, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Marketing, Materials Engineering, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics, Media Studies, Meteorology, Microbiology, Nuclear Physics, Organic Chemistry, Petrology, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Plant Pathology, Political Sciences, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Seismology, Social Psychology, Sociology, Soil Science, Surveying and Mapping, Tourism, Translation and Interpretation, Zoology
Kandidat Nauk Agriculture, Anaesthesiology, Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Earth Sciences, Economics, Fine Arts, History, Information Technology, Law, Literature, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pedagogy, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Sociology, Surgery, Urology

Moscow State University alumni

  1. Mikhail Gorbachev

    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Born in
    Russia Flag Russia
    1931-2022 (aged 91)
    Enrolled in Moscow State University
    Studied in 1955

    Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was a Soviet and Russian politician who served as the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union from 1985 to the country's dissolution in 1991. He served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 and additionally as head of state beginning in 1988, as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet from 1988 to 1989, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet from 1989 to 1990 and the only President of the Soviet Union from 1990 to 1991. Ideologically, Gorbachev initially adhered to Marxism–Leninism but moved towards social democracy by the early 1990s.

  2. Vladimir Zhirinovsky

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky
    Born in
    Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan
    1946-2022 (aged 76)
    Enrolled in Moscow State University
    Studied in 1972-1977
    lawyerpoliticianmilitary personnel

    Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky was a Russian right-wing populist politician and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) from its creation in 1992 until his death. He had been a member of the State Duma since 1993 and leader of the LDPR group in the State Duma from 1993 to 2000, and from 2011 to 2022.

  3. Wassily Kandinsky

    Wassily Kandinsky
    Born in
    Russia Flag Russia
    1866-1944 (aged 78)
    Enrolled in Moscow State University
    Studied economics and law
    architectural draftspersonprintmakeruniversity teacherpainterart theorist

    Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist. Kandinsky is generally credited as one of the pioneers of abstraction in western art. Born in Moscow, he spent his childhood in Odessa, where he graduated at Odessa Art School. He enrolled at the University of Moscow, studying law and economics. Successful in his profession—he was offered a professorship (chair of Roman Law) at the University of Dorpat (today Tartu, Estonia)—Kandinsky began painting studies (life-drawing, sketching and anatomy) at the age of 30.

  4. Sergei Yesenin

    Sergei Yesenin
    Born in
    Russia Flag Russia
    1895-1925 (aged 30)

    Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin (Russian: Сергей Александрович Есенин, IPA: [sʲɪrˈɡʲej ɐlʲɪkˈsandrəvʲɪtɕ jɪˈsʲenʲɪn]; (3 October [O.S. 21 September] 1895 – 28 December 1925), sometimes spelled as Esenin, was a Russian lyric poet. He is one of the most popular and well-known Russian poets of the 20th century, known for "his lyrical evocations of and nostalgia for the village life of his childhood – no idyll, presented in all its rawness, with an implied curse on urbanisation and industrialisation."

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Moscow State University faculties and divisions

Campus Abroad : Astana, Kazakhstan Computer Science, Ecology, Economics, Mathematics, Philology
Campus Abroad : Baku, Azerbaijan Chemistry, Economics, Management, Mathematics, Philology, Psychology
Campus Abroad : Dushanbe, Tajikistan Administration, Chemistry, Geology, International Relations and Diplomacy, Linguistics, Mathematics and Computer Science
Campus Abroad : Tashkent, Uzbekistan Mathematics, Psychology
Campus Abroad : Yerevan, Armenia Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty : Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Bioengineering, Information Technology
Faculty : Biology Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Botany
Faculty : Biotechnology Biotechnology
Faculty : Chemistry Chemistry
Faculty : Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Electronics and Automation, Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty : Cosmic Research Astronomy and Space Science
Faculty : Economics Economics, Statistics
Faculty : Educational Sciences Pedagogy, Special Education
Faculty : Fine and Performing Arts Dance, Fine Arts, Music, Theatre
Faculty : Foreign Languages and Regional Studies European Languages, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Slavic Languages, Translation and Interpretation
Faculty : Fundamental Medicine Anaesthesiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pharmacology, Surgery, Urology
Faculty : Fundamental Physical and Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering, Physical Engineering
Faculty : Geography Geography
Faculty : Geology Geology
Faculty : Global Studies European Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy
Faculty : History Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Classical Languages, Eastern European Studies, History, Medieval Studies, Modern Languages
Faculty : Journalism Journalism, Media Studies, Publishing and Book Trade, Radio and Television Broadcasting
Faculty : Law Criminology, Law
Faculty : Materials Science Materials Engineering
Faculty : Mechanics and Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Mechanics
Faculty : Philology Classical Languages, Folklore, Germanic Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Philology, Romance Languages, Russian, Slavic Languages
Faculty : Philosophy Logic, Philosophy, Political Sciences
Faculty : Physics Astrophysics, Electronic Engineering, Geophysics, Nuclear Physics, Physics, Radiophysics
Faculty : Political Science Political Sciences
Faculty : Psychology Pedagogy, Psychology
Faculty : Public Administration Economics, Government, Management, Philosophy
Faculty : Sociology Political Sciences, Sociology
Faculty : Soil Science Soil Science
Faculty : World Politics International Relations and Diplomacy, Political Sciences
Graduate School : Innovative Business Business Administration
Graduate School : Management and Innovation Management
Graduate School : Public Administration Administration, Public Administration
Institute : Asian and African Studies African Studies, Asian Studies
School : Business Administration Business Administration
School : Contemporary Social Sciences Social Sciences
School : Moscow School of Economics Economics
School : Television Cinema and Television
School : Translation and Interpretation Modern Languages, Translation and Interpretation

General information

Alternative names MSU
Московский государственный университет
Founded 1755
Accreditation Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor)
Motto Scientia est clara cognitio veritatis, illustratio mentis

Location and contacts

Address Leninskie Gory
Moskva, 119992
City population 12,456,000

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