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Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate30%

We've calculated the 30% acceptance rate for Umm Al-Qura University based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

Umm Al-Qura University is a world-class research university with 15,598 scientific papers published and 148,586 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Medicine, Environmental Science, Quantum and Particle physics, Organic Chemistry, Computer Science, and Biochemistry.


Umm Al-Qura University majors

by publication & citation count

9,932 / 98,647
9,338 / 98,924
8,434 / 92,054
7,717 / 80,957
7,463 / 65,340
Environmental Science
6,274 / 62,454
Quantum and Particle physics
5,861 / 63,009
Organic Chemistry
5,810 / 66,189
Computer Science
5,716 / 53,883
5,561 / 60,106
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
5,069 / 44,527
Materials Science
4,800 / 54,783
4,533 / 45,172
3,701 / 36,326
3,576 / 31,123
3,280 / 27,290
3,124 / 29,939
Geography and Cartography
2,906 / 26,736
2,724 / 26,400
2,278 / 17,029
Optical Engineering
2,241 / 24,227
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2,235 / 20,898
Chemical Engineering
2,226 / 26,951
Political Science
2,213 / 21,818
2,203 / 23,831
2,174 / 21,787
Metallurgical Engineering
2,088 / 26,420
2,084 / 19,783
1,912 / 13,040
1,872 / 21,975
1,844 / 15,260
Electrical Engineering
1,825 / 19,784
1,764 / 16,070
Machine Learning
1,737 / 16,167
Physical chemistry
1,657 / 20,632
1,654 / 12,469
1,574 / 15,120
1,527 / 13,774
1,454 / 13,665
1,442 / 15,216

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 16 48
1992 21 52
1993 13 33
1994 20 42
1995 17 46
1996 18 47
1997 26 81
1998 19 51
1999 18 52
2000 23 66
2001 15 80
2002 27 97
2003 22 89
2004 25 114
2005 29 152
2006 34 162
2007 43 155
2008 58 234
2009 99 330
2010 124 455
2011 171 573
2012 252 856
2013 323 1218
2014 451 1720
2015 551 2739
2016 606 3572
2017 666 4383
2018 748 5703
2019 783 7865
2020 1441 12514
2021 2176 20937
2022 3179 32194
2023 3159 47104
Academic rankings

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by Umm Al-Qura University.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design No No No
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine Yes Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Associate Diploma Architecture, Computer Science, Education, Native Language Education
Bachelor's Degree Arabic, Architecture, Art Education, Banking, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Arts, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Dentistry, Design, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, English, Epidemiology, Fashion Design, Finance, Geography (Human), Health Administration, Health Education, Health Sciences, Home Economics, Humanities and Social Science Education, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Insurance, Interior Design, Islamic Law, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Laboratory Techniques, Law, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Medicine, Microbiology, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Physics, Preschool Education, Printing and Printmaking, Public Health, Public Relations, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Social Work, Sports, Sports Management, Surgery, Telecommunications Engineering
Higher Diploma Education, Electrical Engineering, Islamic Law, Psychology, Social Work, Software Engineering, Teacher Training
Master's Degree Applied Mathematics, Architecture, Art Education, Artificial Intelligence, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Botany, Business Administration, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Curriculum, Design, Economics, Education, Educational Administration, Educational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Fashion Design, Foreign Languages Education, Genetics, Geography (Human), Home Economics, Humanities and Social Science Education, International and Comparative Education, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Justice Administration, Laboratory Techniques, Law, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Public Relations, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Religious Education, Science Education, Social Work, Solid State Physics, Sports Management, Teacher Training, Toxicology, Tropical Medicine, Zoology
Doctorate Applied Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Curriculum, Design, Economics, Educational Administration, Educational Sciences, Entomology, Fashion Design, Foreign Languages Education, Genetics, Geography (Human), Home Economics, Humanities and Social Science Education, International and Comparative Education, Law, Mathematics, Plant Pathology, Psychology, Religious Education, Sports Management, Teacher Training, Zoology

Notable alumni

  1. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

    Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
    Born in
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
    1962-.. (age 62)
    Islamic juristimamprofessor

    Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Sudais, better known as Al-Sudais, is one of the nine imams of the Grand Mosque, Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia; the president of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques; a renowned Qāriʾ (reciter of the Qur'an); he was the Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award's "Islamic Personality Of the Year" in 2005.

  2. Saud Al-Shuraim

    Saud Al-Shuraim
    Born in
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
    1964-.. (age 60)

    Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al-Shuraim is a Quranic reciter who was one of the prayer leaders and Friday preachers at the Grand Mosque Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. He also holds a Ph.D degree in Sharia (Islamic studies) at the Umm al-Qura University in Mecca. Shuraim was recently appointed as dean and "Specialist Professor in Fiqh" at the University.

  3. Mutlaq Hamid Al-Otaibi

    Mutlaq Hamid Al-Otaibi
    Born in
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
    1937-1995 (aged 58)

    Mutlaq Hamid Al-Thubeiti Al-Otaibi was a Saudi Arabian writer and poet., and he was a member of the faculty of sharia at the University of Umm al-Qura. and he was the President of the Scientific Research Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia, he is considered by many as one of the greatest Saudi poets of all times.

  4. Assim al-Hakeem

    Assim al-Hakeem
    Born in
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
    1962-.. (age 62)
    Enrolled in Umm Al-Qura University
    Studied in 1996-1998
    preacheruniversity teacher'ālimoratorimam

    Sheikh Assim bin Luqman al-Hakeem is a Saudi Arabian imam and media personality. He is based primarily in the city of Jeddah, where he hosts a number of programs dealing with Islam. He mostly conducts himself in English, and is an Islamic fundamentalist.

  5. Abdul Aziz al-Harbi

    Abdul Aziz al-Harbi
    Born in
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
    1965-.. (age 59)
    Enrolled in Umm Al-Qura University
    Graduated with master's degree
    Graduated with doctorate
    poetIslamic juristwriterlinguist

    Abdul Aziz bin Ali al-Harbi is a Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar and associate professor at Umm al-Qura University in Mecca. He is one of the founders and the current president of the Arabic Language Academy in Mecca.

  6. Adnan Al-Qattan

    Adnan Al-Qattan

    Adnan Abdullah al-Qattan is the official imam and preacher of Al Fateh Grand Mosque in Bahrain and the head of the Bahraini delegation for the Hajj, taking care of the pilgrims and answering their needs.

Umm Al-Qura University faculties and divisions

Centre : English Language English
College : Applied Medical Sciences Dietetics, Health Administration, Laboratory Techniques, Medical Auxiliaries, Medical Technology, Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Therapy
College : Applied Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
College : Applied Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
College : Arabic Language Arabic, Linguistics, Literature
College : Arabic Language for Non-native Speakers Arabic
College : Business Administration Accountancy, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Marketing, Tourism
College : Computer and Information Systems Computer Engineering, Computer Science
College : Da'wa and Islamic Theology Islamic Theology
College : Dentistry Dentistry
College : Design and Arts Fine Arts, Interior Design
College : Education Art Education, Curriculum, Physical Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Teacher Training
College : Engineering and Islamic Architecture Archaeology, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
College : Humanities and Educational Sciences Arts and Humanities, Educational Sciences
College : Islamic Economics and Finance Economics, Finance
College : Judicial Studies and Regulations Law
College : Medicine Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Medicine, Paediatrics, Physiology, Surgery
College : Nursing Nursing
College : Pharmacy Pharmacy
College : Public Health and Health Informatics Computer Science, Public Health
College : Shari'a and Islamic Studies Islamic Law, Islamic Studies
College : Social Sciences English, Geography, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Media Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work

General information

Alternative names UQU
جامعة أم القرى
Founded 1981
Accreditation Ministry of Education
Motto Honored Education, Honored Place

Location and contacts

Address P.O. Box 715
Makah Al Mukaramah, 21421
Saudi Arabia
City population 1,675,000

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