Top 54 universities in Costa Rica: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Costa RicaSan Jose
2National University, Costa Rica75%Heredia
3Costa Rica Institute of Technology5%Cartago
4EARTH University5%Guacimo
5INCAE Business School, Costa Rica35%Alajuela
6Autonomous University of Centro AmericaCipreses de Curridabat
7Latin American University of Science and TechnologySan Jose
8Latin University of Costa RicaSan Pedro
9University for International CooperationSan Jose
10Veritas UniversitySan Jose
11Florencio del Castillo University of CartagoCartago
12University of Medical Sciences, Costa RicaSan Jose
13Santa Paula UniversitySan Jose
14Fidelitas UniversitySan Pedro
15Catholic University of Costa RicaSan Jose
16University of Ibero-AmericaSan Jose
17Hispano-American UniversitySan Jose
18LEAD UniversitySan Jose
19Cenfotec University85%San Jose
20La Salle University of Costa RicaSan Jose
21Fundepos Alma Mater UniversityUruca
22Continental University of Arts and SciencesSan Jose
23International University of the AmericasSan Jose
24Free University of Costa RicaSan Jose
25Creative UniversitySan Jose
26Isaac Newton UniversitySan Jose
27Autonomous University of MonterreySan Jose
28American University, Costa RicaSan Jose
29Latin American Biblical UniversitySan Jose
30Castro Carazo UniversitySan Jose
31Federated University of Costa RicaSan Jose
32International Polytechnic UniversitySan Jose
33San Marcos UniversitySan Jose
34Central University, Costa RicaSan Jose
35Free University Law SchoolSan Jose
36University of Science and Art of Costa RicaSan Jose
37John Paul II UniversitySan Jose
38Adventist University of Central AmericaAlajuela
39Evangelical University of the AmericasSan Jose
40Magister UniversitySan Pedro
41Business University of Costa RicaSan Jose
42University of San JoseSan Jose
43Independent University of Costa RicaSan Jose
44Panamerican University, Costa RicaSan Jose
45Santa Lucia UniversitySan Jose
46San Juan de la Cruz UniversitySan Jose
47University of Business SciencesAlajuela
48Central American University of Social SciencesSan Jose
49University of TourismSan Jose
50International University San Isidro LabradorPerez Zeledon
51Invenio UniversityTilaran
52Braulio Carrillo UniversitySan Jose
53Southern Christian UniversitySan Jose
54Costa Rican University of TechnologySan Jose

The best cities to study in Costa Rica based on the number of universities and their ranks are San Jose, Heredia, Cartago, and Guacimo.

Average cost of living for students in Costa Rica is $505 + $52-369 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).