Top 198 universities in Brazil: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Sao Paulo5%Sao Paulo
2State University of Campinas5%Campinas
3Sao Paulo State University25%Sao Paulo
4Federal University of Rio Grande do SulPorto Alegre
5Federal University of Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte
6Federal University of Rio de Janeiro5%Rio de Janeiro
7Federal University of Santa CatarinaFlorianopolis
8University of BrasiliaBrasilia
9Federal University of ParanaCuritiba
10Fluminense Federal University25%Niteroi
11Federal University of Santa MariaSanta Maria
12Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul35%Porto Alegre
13Federal University of VicosaVicosa
14Federal University of CearaFortaleza
15Federal University of BahiaSalvador
16Federal University of PernambucoRecife
17Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro35%Rio de Janeiro
18State University of MaringaMaringa
19Federal University of Sao Carlos5%Sao Carlos
20Federal University of Uberlandia5%Uberlandia
21Federal University of GoiasGoiania
22University of the State of Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro
23Federal University of ParaibaJoao Pessoa
24State University of LondrinaLondrina
25Federal University of LavrasLavras
26University of the Rio dos Sinos ValleySao Leopoldo
27Pontifical Catholic University of Parana45%Curitiba
28Federal University of Technology - Parana95%Curitiba
29Federal University of Sao PauloSao Paulo
30Federal University of ParaBelem
31Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte15%Natal
32Pontifical Catholic University of Sao PauloSao Paulo
33Mackenzie Presbyterian UniversitySao Paulo
34Santa Catarina State University55%Florianopolis
35Federal University of Campina GrandeCampina Grande
36Federal University of Espirito Santo25%Vitoria
37Federal University of PelotasPelotas
38Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro25%Seropedica
39University of the Valley of Itajai85%Itajai
40State University of Ponta GrossaPonta Grossa
41Federal University of Juiz de ForaJuiz de Fora
42Western Parana State University25%Cascavel
43Federal University of Ouro Preto55%Ouro Preto
44Federal University of Amazonas45%Manaus
45University of Caxias do Sul75%Caxias do Sul
46Federal University of Mato GrossoCuiaba
47Federal University of Mato Grosso do SulCampo Grande
48Pontifical Catholic University of Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte
49Federal Foundation University of Rio GrandeRio Grande
50Federal Rural University of PernambucoRecife
51Federal Rural University of the Semiarid Region15%Mossoro
52Federal University of MaranhaoSao Luis
53University of South Santa CatarinaTubarao
54Nove de Julho UniversitySao Paulo
55University of Passo Fundo95%Passo Fundo
56Catholic University of BrasiliaBrasilia
57University of FortalezaFortaleza
58Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei15%Sao Joao del Rei
59Rio de Janeiro State Federal UniversityRio de Janeiro
60Federal University of AlagoasMaceio
61Federal University of SergipeSao Cristovao
62Pontifical Catholic University of CampinasCampinas
63Regional University of BlumenauBlumenau
64Estacio de Sa UniversityRio de Janeiro
65Federal University of PiauiTeresina
66Methodist University of Sao PauloSao Bernardo do Campo
67Federal University of TocantinsPalmas
68Federal University of ABC5%Santo Andre
69State University of North FluminenseCampos dos Goytacazes
70State University of CearaFortaleza
71Federal University of Grande DouradosDourados
72State University of the Central WestGuarapuava
73Federal University of Triangulo MineiroUberaba
74University of Santa Cruz do SulSanta Cruz do Sul
75Feevale UniversityNovo Hamburgo
76Federal University of Itajuba35%Itajuba
77State University of Santa CruzIlheus
78Regional University of Northwestern Rio Grande do Sul StateIjui
79Bahia State University5%Salvador
80State University of ParaibaCampina Grande
81University of the Extreme South of Santa Catarina75%Criciuma
82University of Taquari ValleyLajeado
83University of West Santa CatarinaJoacaba
84State University of Feira de SantanaFeira de Santana
85Federal University of PampaBage
86Paranaense UniversityUmuarama
87State University of GoiasAnapolis
88Paulista UniversitySao Paulo
89State University of Southwest BahiaVitoria da Conquista
90Mato Grosso State UniversityCaceres
91Lutheran University of BrazilCanoas
92State University of Mato Grosso do SulDourados
93Tiradentes UniversityAracaju
94University of Paraiba Valley35%Sao Jose dos Campos
95Federal University of Reconcavo da BahiaCruz das Almas
96Catholic University of PernambucoRecife
97University of TaubateTaubate
98Federal University of RoraimaBoa Vista
99Regional Community University of Chapeco55%Chapeco
100Federal University of Vale do Sao FranciscoPetrolina
101Salvador UniversitySalvador
102Federal University of Alfenas15%Alfenas
103University of the State of AmazonasManaus
104Anhanguera UniversitySao Paulo
105Federal University of Fronteira SulChapeco
106Federal University of Rondonia5%Porto Velho
107Federal University of the Valleys of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri75%Diamantina
108State University of Montes ClarosMontes Claros
109FUMEC UniversityBelo Horizonte
110Anhembi Morumbi UniversitySao Paulo
111Federal University of AmapaMacapa
112University of West PaulistaPresidente Prudente
113Federal Rural University of the AmazonBelem
114University of PernambucoRecife
115Municipal University of Sao Caetano do Sul85%Sao Caetano do Sul
116Regional Integrated University of Upper Uruguai and Missions85%Erechim
117State University of MaranhaoSao Luis
118Catholic University Dom BoscoCampo Grande
119Pontifical Catholic University of GoiasGoiania
120Sao Judas Tadeu UniversitySao Paulo
121University of the Catarina PlateauLages
122State University of Northern ParanaJacarezinho
123Rio Grande do Norte State UniversityMossoro
124Federal University of Health Sciences, Porto AlegrePorto Alegre
125University of Sorocaba85%Sorocaba
126La Salle University - BrazilCanoas
127Federal University of Latin American IntegrationFoz do Iguacu
128University of AmazonBelem
129University of International Integration of the Afro-Brazilian Lusophony15%Redencao
130Sao Francisco UniversityBraganca Paulista
131Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul65%Sao Paulo
132University of UberabaUberaba
133Minas Gerais State UniversityBelo Horizonte
134Contestado UniversityMafra
135Positivo UniversityCuritiba
136University of Ribeirao Preto55%Ribeirao Preto
137Guarulhos University65%Guarulhos
138Veiga de Almeida University15%Rio de Janeiro
139Catholic University of SantosSantos
140University of Santa CeciliaSantos
141Regional University of CaririCrato
142Potiguar UniversityNatal
143University of Santo AmaroSao Paulo
144Federal University of Cariri75%Juazeiro do Norte
145University of Jose do Rosario VellanoAlfenas
146Para State University85%Belem
147State University of Rio Grande do Sul45%Porto Alegre
148Federal University of AcreRio Branco
149University of Cruz Alta65%Cruz Alta
150University of Mogi das CruzesMogi das Cruzes
151Parana State University95%Paranavai
152Salgado de Oliveira UniversitySao Goncalo
153Acarau Valley State UniversitySobral
154University of Northern ParanaLondrina
155State University of PiauiTeresina
156Vila Velha UniversityVila Velha
157University of the Region of Joinville65%Joinville
158University of Vale do Rio VerdeTres Coracoes
159Federal University of Western BahiaBarreiras
160University of AraraquaraAraraquara
161University of MariliaMarilia
162Federal University of Western ParaSantarem
163Castelo Branco UniversityRio de Janeiro
164Federal University of South and Southeast of ParaMaraba
165Catholic University of Petropolis75%Petropolis
166City University of Sao Paulo65%Sao Paulo
167President Antonio Carlos UniversityBarbacena
168Anhanguera-Uniderp UniversityCampo Grande
169Sacred Heart University - BrazilBauru
170Catholic University of SalvadorSalvador
171University of Vale do Rio DoceGovernador Valadares
172Grande Rio UniversityDuque de Caxias
173Ceuma UniversitySao Luis
174State University of RoraimaBoa Vista
175Federal University of Southern BahiaItabuna
176University of TocantinsPalmas
177Catholic University of PelotasPelotas
178Candido Mendes UniversityRio de Janeiro
179University of FrancaFranca
180University Braz CubasMogi das Cruzes
181Sapucai Valley UniversityPouso Alegre
182Methodist University of Piracicaba85%Piracicaba
183Alagoas State University of Health SciencesMaceio
184Alto Vale do Rio do Peixe UniversityCacador
185Brasil UniversitySao Paulo
186University of Rio Verde65%Rio Verde
187University of Cuiaba65%Cuiaba
188Iguacu UniversityNova Iguacu
189State University of AlagoasArapiraca
190Ibirapuera UniversitySao Paulo
191Vassouras University75%Vassouras
192University of ItaunaItauna
193University of Tuiuti do ParanaCuritiba
194University of the Region of CampanhaBage
195Metropolitan University of SantosSantos
196University of Saint UrsulaRio de Janeiro
197University of the State of AmapaMacapa
198Nilton Lins UniversityManaus

The best cities to study in Brazil based on the number of universities and their ranks are Sao Paulo, Campinas, Porto Alegre, and Belo Horizonte.

Average cost of living for students in Brazil is $301 + $32-230 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).