Best university in Juiz de Fora

We ranked the Federal University of Juiz de Fora based on its reputation, research performance, and alumni impact. The rankings are determined by analyzing 238K citations received by 16.9K academic publications made by the university from Juiz de Fora, the popularity of 5 recognized alumni, and the largest reference database available.

Universities near Juiz de Fora

Distance, km
Country rank
73 President Antonio Carlos University 188
Brazil Flag
80 Vassouras University 182
Brazil Flag
86 Catholic University of Petropolis 117
Brazil Flag
113 Iguacu University 194
Brazil Flag
Nova Iguacu
116 Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei 67
Brazil Flag
Sao Joao del-Rei
116 Grande Rio University 190
Brazil Flag
Duque de Caxias
118 Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro 44
Brazil Flag
121 Federal University of Vicosa 23
Brazil Flag
124 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 2
Brazil Flag
Rio de Janeiro
124 Salgado de Oliveira University 172
Brazil Flag
Sao Goncalo