Top 127 universities in Argentina: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
2National University of La PlataLa Plata
3National University of CordobaCordoba
4Northeast National UniversityCorrientes
5National University of RosarioRosario
6National Technological UniversityBuenos Aires
7National University of Mar del PlataMar del Plata
8National University of LitoralSanta Fe
9University of Palermo, ArgentinaBuenos Aires
10National University of Central Buenos Aires ProvinceTandil
11National University of the SouthBahia Blanca
12Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina55%Buenos Aires
13National University of San LuisSan Luis
14National University of QuilmesQuilmes
15National University of TucumanSan Miguel de Tucuman
16National University of Rio CuartoRio Cuarto
17National University of La PampaSanta Rosa
18National University of San JuanSan Juan
19National University of San Martin, ArgentinaSan Martin
20National University of ComahueNeuquen
21University Institute of the Italian Hospital45%Buenos Aires
22National University of SaltaSalta
23University of San AndresVictoria
24Torcuato di Tella University45%Buenos Aires
25National University of General SarmientoLos Polvorines
26Latin American Faculty of Social SciencesBuenos Aires
27National University of Santiago del EsteroSantiago del Estero
28University of BelgranoBuenos Aires
29National University of Entre RiosConcepcion del Uruguay
30Austral University45%Buenos Aires
31National University of Misiones85%Posadas
32National University of LujanLujan
33Argentine Business University, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
34CEMA UniversityBuenos Aires
35Interamerican Open University75%Buenos Aires
36National University of Tres de Febrero25%Buenos Aires
37National University of CuyoMendoza
38FASTA UniversityMar del Plata
39Blas Pascal University85%Cordoba
40Catholic University of CordobaCordoba
41Buenos Aires Institute of Technology45%Buenos Aires
42University of SalvadorBuenos Aires
43Siglo 21 Business UniversityCordoba
44National University of LanusRemedios de Escalada
45University of Business and Social SciencesBuenos Aires
46National University of Rio NegroViedma
47National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco85%Comodoro Rivadavia
48National University of Lomas de ZamoraLomas de Zamora
49National University of La MatanzaSan Justo
50National University of Villa MariaVilla Maria
51National University of Patagonia AustralRio Gallegos
52National University of the ArtsBuenos Aires
53National University of Catamarca25%San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca
54Maimonides UniversityBuenos Aires
55National University of AvellanedaAvellaneda
56National University of La RiojaLa Rioja
57Catholic University of SaltaSalta
58National University of JujuySan Salvador de Jujuy
59John F. Kennedy Argentine UniversityBuenos Aires
60ESEADE University Institute55%Buenos Aires
61University of MoronMoron
62University of MendozaMendoza
63University of Latinamerican Education CentreRosario
64National University of Buenos Aires Northeast ProvinceJunin
65Favaloro UniversityBuenos Aires
66Champagnat UniversityGodoy Cruz
67University of Aconcagua, ArgentinaMendoza
68North University of Santo Tomas de AquinoSan Miguel de Tucuman
69University of FloresBuenos Aires
70CEMIC University InstituteBuenos Aires
71Adventist University of PlataLibertador San Martin
72ISALUD UniversityBuenos Aires
73University of Congreso95%Mendoza
74Arturo Jauretche National UniversityFlorencio Varela
75Juan Agustin Maza University65%Guaymallen
76Air University InstituteAlta Gracia
77University Institute of Health Sciences, ArgentinaBuenos Aires
78National Pedagogical University - Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
79National University of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic IslandsUshuaia
80Catholic University of Santiago del EsteroSantiago del Estero
81IDEA University InstituteBuenos Aires
82Catholic University of La PlataLa Plata
83Catholic University of Santa FeSanta Fe
84University of Cine85%Buenos Aires
85Autonomous University of Entre RiosParana
86University of Argentine Social MuseumBuenos Aires
87Army Higher Education InstituteBuenos Aires
88National University of ChilecitoChilecito
89CAECE UniversityBuenos Aires
90National University of the Chaco AustralSaenz Pena
91National University of MorenoMoreno
92University of San Pablo-TSan Miguel de Tucuman
93National University of FormosaFormosa
94National University of Jose C. PazJose C. Paz
95Southwestern Provincial UniversityPigue
96University of Cuenca del PlataCorrientes
97University of Marina MercanteBuenos Aires
98Argentine School of Business85%Buenos Aires
99University of Concepcion del UruguayConcepcion del Uruguay
100Provincial University of CordobaCordoba
101National University of HurlinghamHurlingham
102Atlantida Argentina UniversityMar de Ajo
103Gaston Dachary UniversityPosadas
104Salesian University - Bahia BlancaBahia Blanca
105Notarial Argentina UniversityLa Plata
106University Institute of Argentine Federal PoliceBuenos Aires
107University Institute of Mental HealthBuenos Aires
108University of San IsidroBuenos Aires
109National University of the ComechingonesSan Luis
110Patagonian University Institute of the ArtsGeneral Roca
111Catholic University of CuyoRivadavia
112Italian University Institute of Rosario95%Rosario
113National University of the WestSan Antonio de Padua
114Naval University InstituteBuenos Aires
115National University of Villa MercedesVilla Mercedes
116University Institute of Maritime SecurityBuenos Aires
117National University of RafaelaRafaela
118Eastern University - La PlataLa Plata
119Provincial University of EzeizaEzeiza
120Guillermo Brown National UniversityBurzaco
121National University of San Antonio de ArecoSan Antonio de Areco
122Metropolitan University for Education and WorkBuenos Aires
123River Plate University InstituteBuenos Aires
124Catholic University of the MissionsPosadas
125University of Gran RosarioRosario
126University Institute of Biomedical Sciences of CordobaCordoba
127Raul Scalabrini Ortiz National UniversityMartinez

The best cities to study in Argentina based on the number of universities and their ranks are Buenos Aires, La Plata, Cordoba, and Corrientes.

Average cost of living for students in Argentina is $255 + $28-199 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).