Top 48 universities in Nicaragua: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, ManaguaManagua
2National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, LeonLeon
3Central American UniversityManagua
4National Agrarian UniversityManagua
5National University of Engineering, NicaraguaManagua
6University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean CoastPuerto Cabeza
7Polytechnic University of Nicaragua35%Managua
8Central University of NicaraguaManagua
9University of ManaguaManagua
10Valle UniversityManagua
11Anunciata UniversityRivas
12American University, NicaraguaManagua
13Bluefields Indian and Caribbean UniversityBluefields
14University of Commercial ScienceManagua
15Redemptoris Mater Catholic UniversityManagua
16Ibero-American University of Science and Technology, NicaraguaManagua
17Catholic University of Dry Tropic Farming and LivestockEsteli
18Nicaraguan University of Science and TechnologyManagua
19Hispano-American University, NicaraguaManagua
20American College UniversityManagua
21Thomas More University - Managua85%Managua
22Christian Autonomous University of NicaraguaManagua
23University of Las Americas, NicaraguaManagua
24La Salle Technological UniversityLeon
25Nicaraguan Protestant University Martin Luther King65%Managua
26Popular University of NicaraguaManagua
27Central American University of Business StudiesManagua
28Nicaraguan Technological UniversityManagua
29Paulo Freire UniversityManagua
30International University for Sustainable DevelopmentManagua
31Martin Lutero UniversityManagua
32University of Technology and CommerceManagua
33Antonio de Valdivieso International UniversityRivas
34Adventist University of NicaraguaManagua
35International University of Integration of Latin AmericaManagua
36Technical University of CommerceManagua
37University of Northern NicaraguaEsteli
38Jean-Jacques Rousseau UniversityManagua
39Keiser University Latin American CampusSan Marcos
40Santo Tomas de Oriente y Medio Dia UniversityGranada
41John Paul II University, NicaraguaManagua
42Nicaraguan University of Humanistic StudiesManagua
43Ruben Dario UniversityDiriamba
44The American UniversityManagua
45University of Administration, Commerce and CustomsManagua
46University of Medical Sciences, NicaraguaManagua
47University of the West UDOLeon
48Metropolitan University, NicaraguaManagua

The best cities to study in Nicaragua based on the number of universities and their ranks are Managua, Leon, Puerto Cabeza, and Rivas.

Average cost of living for students in Nicaragua is $371 + $36-258 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).