Top 70 universities in Tunisia: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of Tunis El ManarTunis
2Manouba UniversityManouba
3University of Sfax5%Sfax
4University of MonastirMonastir
5University of CarthageTunis
6University of SousseSousse
7Private Higher School of Engineering and TechnologyAriana
8Paris-Dauphine University of TunisTunis
9Tunis UniversityTunis
10Gabes UniversityGabes
11Institute of Higher Studies of TunisTunis
12Higher Institutes of Technological StudiesTunis
13Ez-zitouna UniversityTunis
14Central University, TunisiaTunis
15Law & Business School85%Tunis
16International University of Tunis15%Tunis
17Gafsa UniversityGafsa
18University of JendoubaJendouba
19Tunis Private University65%Tunis
20International Private Polytechnic School of TunisTunis
21University of Kairouan65%Kairouan
22Mediterranean School of BusinessTunis
23Private Higher Institute of Business AdministrationTunis
24SESAME UniversityAriana
25Private Higher School of Technologies and Engineering75%Ariana
26Mediterranean Institute of TechnologyTunis
27Tunis Carthage University35%La Soukra
28EPI SousseSousse
29Private Higher Institute of Nursing El AmedHammam Sousse
30Private Higher School of Technology and ManagementTunis
31International Institute for Digital and Audiovisual StudiesManouba
32Mediterranean UniversityTunis
33TIME UniversityTunis
34Private Higher School of Architecture, Audiovisual and Design85%Tunis
35Private University of SousseSousse
36International Institute of TechnologySfax
37Private Polytechnic School of SousseHammam Sousse
38Avicenne Private Business SchoolTunis
39Private Higher School of Aeronautics and TechnologiesTunis
40Espima Business SchoolLe Kram
41European University of TunisTunis
42IT Business SchoolNabeul
43Gafsa Private Higher School of EngineersGafsa
44American University in North AfricaTunis
45Mahmoud Materi UniversityTunis
46Montplaisir UniversityTunis
47Central Private Higher School of Law and ManagementTunis
48Central Private Polytechnic School of TunisLe Kram
49Private Higher Institute of NursingSousse
50Arab University of Sciences85%Tunis
51Higher School of Administrative and Commercial StudiesSfax
52International School of BusinessSfax
53Private Higher School of Engineering and Applied TechnologySousse
54Private International Polytechnic School of SfaxSfax
55Gabes Private Technological UniversityGabes
56Private Faculty of Management and Administration Sciences of SousseSousse
57Private Higher School of Information Technology and ManagementHammam Sousse
58Central Private Higher School of Letters, Arts and Communication SciencesTunis
59Faculty of Health SciencesTunis
60Ibn Khaldoun University - TunisTunis
61Private Higher Institute of Nursing Sciences of SousseSousse
62Private Institute of Central Tunisia for Science Technology and BusinessSousse
63Private Polytechnic School of MonastirMonastir
64Private University of the SouthSfax
65Tunisia Tech UniversityTunis
66Leaders UniversityNabeul
67Monastir Private Higher School of EngineersMonastir
68Private Higher School of Insurance and FinanceTunis
69Private Institute of Higher Studies in SousseSousse
70Private University of Science and Technology Studies of MegrineMegrine

The best cities to study in Tunisia based on the number of universities and their ranks are Tunis, Manouba, Sfax, and Monastir.

Average cost of living for students in Tunisia is $241 + $24-174 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).