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#829 of 14,131 In the World
#171 of 5,830 In Asia
#4 of 310 In Iran
#4 of 37 In Tehran
#26 of 1,031 For Mining Engineering
Top50% For 170 other topics
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Acceptance rate
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Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate12%
Admissions RequirementsUndergraduate degree for Master's programme; Master's degree for PhD programme
Academic CalendarSeptember to June (September - January; February-June)
Full time employee725
Student:staff ratio13:1

We've calculated the 12% acceptance rate for Tarbiat Modares University based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

Tarbiat Modares University is a world-class research university with 46,046 scientific papers published and 664,096 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Environmental Science, Medicine, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Quantum and Particle physics, and Materials Science.


Tarbiat Modares University majors

by publication & citation count

30,727 / 493,374
29,446 / 506,301
26,460 / 470,465
23,947 / 419,876
Environmental Science
21,867 / 353,064
18,766 / 235,155
Organic Chemistry
17,472 / 353,868
17,112 / 296,963
Quantum and Particle physics
16,519 / 298,723
Materials Science
15,658 / 309,698
Computer Science
15,507 / 203,673
14,479 / 207,441
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
14,110 / 153,752
12,261 / 203,163
10,001 / 166,862
9,586 / 146,962
Geography and Cartography
8,781 / 128,943
7,830 / 120,818
7,621 / 79,787
7,447 / 118,251
Chemical Engineering
7,370 / 175,428
7,338 / 107,176
Metallurgical Engineering
7,060 / 149,725
6,509 / 67,955
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
6,264 / 89,633
6,231 / 76,213
Optical Engineering
6,100 / 103,165
5,633 / 84,434
5,630 / 137,387
Physical chemistry
5,569 / 146,716
Political Science
5,415 / 51,779
Machine Learning
5,370 / 91,861
5,253 / 51,121
Electrical Engineering
5,026 / 78,029
5,024 / 47,663
4,641 / 59,749
4,286 / 51,214
4,279 / 50,398
4,070 / 50,780
Mechanical Engineering
3,940 / 69,777

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 6 4
1992 20 9
1993 16 11
1994 22 14
1995 33 23
1996 54 38
1997 74 76
1998 77 85
1999 85 109
2000 125 221
2001 141 231
2002 226 401
2003 311 768
2004 352 905
2005 443 1435
2006 567 2275
2007 853 3121
2008 1036 4287
2009 1309 5817
2010 1555 8425
2011 2070 12034
2012 2219 15630
2013 2343 19752
2014 2550 23955
2015 2742 27321
2016 2883 31467
2017 2889 36740
2018 3281 43940
2019 3471 54568
2020 3917 70424
2021 3879 87498
2022 3227 98848
2023 2935 100523
Academic rankings


The tuition table for Tarbiat Modares University gives an overview of costs but prices are approximate and subject to change and don't include accommodation, textbooks, or living expenses. The costs of programs might differ significantly for local and international students. The only source of truth for current numbers is the university's official website.

Academic Year Undergraduate Tuition (IRR) Graduate Tuition (IRR)
1,400-1,400 15,000,000 20,000,000
1,400-1,400 16,500,000 22,000,000
1,400-1,400 18,000,000 24,000,000
1,400-1,400 19,500,000 26,000,000
1,400-1,400 21,000,000 28,000,000

Currency: Iranian Rial (IRR)

Tarbiat Modares University has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Programs and Degrees

Karshenasi Arshad (Master's degree) Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Equipment, Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Architecture and Planning, Arts and Humanities, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fine Arts, Food Science, Health Sciences, History, Home Economics, Horticulture, Industrial Engineering, Information Sciences, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Marketing, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Public Health, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Religion, Social Sciences, Soil Science, Technology, Transport and Communications, Water Science
Doctorate Accountancy, Acting, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry, Anatomy, Animal Husbandry, Applied Mathematics, Aquaculture, Arabic, Archaeology, Architecture, Arid Land Studies, Art Management, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Bridge Engineering, Business Administration, Ceramics and Glass Technology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Cinema and Television, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Criminal Law, Criminology, Economics, Education, Educational Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Energy Engineering, Engineering Drawing and Design, Entomology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Fishery, Food Science, Foreign Languages Education, Forestry, French, Genetics, Geography (Human), Geological Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Graphic Design, Haematology, Health Education, Health Sciences, History, Home Economics, Horticulture, Hydraulic Engineering, Immunology, Industrial Management, Information Sciences, Information Technology, International Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Irrigation, Koran, Linguistics, Literature, Logic, Management, Marine Biology, Marine Engineering, Marine Science and Oceanography, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Meat and Poultry, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Midwifery, Mining Engineering, Natural Resources, Naval Architecture, Organic Chemistry, Painting and Drawing, Paper Technology, Parasitology, Persian, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Petrology, Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Physics, Physiology, Plant Pathology, Political Sciences, Polymer and Plastics Technology, Power Engineering, Private Law, Production Engineering, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Health, Public Law, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Road Engineering, Rural Planning, Russian, Sociology, Soil Science, Statistics, Structural Architecture, Surveying and Mapping, Telecommunications Engineering, Town Planning, Transport Engineering, Virology, Visual Arts, Water Science, Women's Studies, Wood Technology

Tarbiat Modares University alumni

  1. Asghar Farhadi

    Asghar Farhadi
    Born in
    Iran Flag Iran
    1972-.. (age 52)

    Asghar Farhadi is an Iranian film director and screenwriter. He is considered one of the most prominent filmmakers of Iranian cinema as well as world cinema in the 21st century. His films have gained recognition for their focus on the human condition, and portrayals of intimate and challenging stories of internal family conflicts. In 2012, he was included on the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. That same year, he also received the Legion of Honour from France.

  2. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

    Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf
    Born in
    Iran Flag Iran
    1961-.. (age 63)

    Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf or Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf is an Iranian conservative politician, former military officer, and current Speaker of the Parliament of Iran since 2020. He held office as the Mayor of Tehran from 2005 to 2017. Ghalibaf was formerly Iran's Chief of police from 2000 to 2005 and commander of the Revolutionary Guards' Air Force from 1997 to 2000.

  3. Mohammad Bahrani

    Mohammad Bahrani
    Born in
    Iran Flag Iran
    1981-.. (age 43)

    Mohammad Bahrani is an Iranian voice actor, puppeteer, actor, director, presenter, and poet. Best known for his voice acting improvisations as one of the most popular adult puppets in the history of the Iranian television Jenab Khan (roughly translated= Mr. Mr); who is originally from southern Iran, speaks Persian with the heavy regional accent, and performs rhythmic songs with typical southern Iranian tone. Due to his profound sense of humor, he gradually became the critical voice of the people in contrast to power. Bahrani is also known for voice acting as two characters, Aghoye Hamsadeh (Mr. neighbor) and Baabaee, in an Iranian famous children's television program Kolah Ghermezi.

  4. Masoumeh Ebtekar

    Masoumeh Ebtekar
    Born in
    Iran Flag Iran
    1960-.. (age 64)

    Masoumeh Ebtekar is an Iranian reformist politician, who was the Vice President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs, from August 9, 2017, to September 1, 2021. She previously headed Department of Environment from 1997 to 2005, making her the first female member in the cabinet of Iran since 1979 and the third in history. She held the same level of office from 2013 to 2017. She is a full professor at Tarbiat Modares University in the School of Medical Sciences, Immunology Department.

All 39 notable alumni

Tarbiat Modares University faculties and divisions

Faculty : Agriculture Agricultural Business, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Equipment, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Entomology, Food Science, Food Technology, Horticulture, Hydraulic Engineering, Irrigation, Meat and Poultry, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Water Management, Water Science
Faculty : Arts and Architecture Acting, Engineering Management, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Literature, Painting and Drawing, Regional Planning, Theatre
Faculty : Basic Sciences Analytical Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Chemistry, Geological Engineering, Geology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Petrology, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Solid State Physics
Faculty : Biological Sciences Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Genetics, Plant Pathology
Faculty : Chemical Engineering Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Polymer and Plastics Technology
Faculty : Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Marine Engineering, Road Engineering, Seismology, Transport Engineering
Faculty : Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Power Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering
Faculty : Humanities Arabic, Archaeology, Education, Educational Sciences, English, French, Geography, History, Islamic Studies, Koran, Linguistics, Literature, Persian, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Sciences, Psychology, Russian, Sociology, Sports, Women's Studies
Faculty : Industrial Engineering and Systems Business and Commerce, Engineering Management, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Social Sciences
Faculty : Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering
Faculty : Law Criminal Law, International Law, Islamic Law, Private Law, Public Law
Faculty : Management and Economics Accountancy, Economics, Information Management, Library Science, Management
Faculty : Mathematical Sciences Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics
Faculty : Mechanical engineering Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Drawing and Design, Engineering Management, Measurement and Precision Engineering, Production Engineering
Faculty : Medical Sciences Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Entomology, Genetics, Haematology, Health Education, Immunology, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Health, Physical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Virology
Faculty : Natural Resources and Marine Sciences Architecture, Art History, Cinema and Television, Comparative Literature, Environmental Management, Fishery, Forestry, Graphic Design, Marine Science and Oceanography, Natural Resources, Paper Technology, Theatre, Town Planning, Water Management, Wood Technology
Faculty : Technical and Engineering Ceramics and Glass Technology, Materials Engineering, Mineralogy, Mining Engineering
Institute : Economic Studies Agricultural Economics, Economic and Finance Policy, Economics
Institute : International Research on Persian Language and Literature International Studies, Literature, Persian
Institute : Management and Development of Technology Industrial Engineering, Management, Production Engineering
Research Division : African Studies African Studies, Cultural Studies
Research Division : Economics Agricultural Economics, Economics, Regional Planning, Town Planning
Research Division : Information Technology Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering
Research Division : Iran Power System Engineering Research Center Power Engineering
Research Division : Persian Language and Literature Literature, Persian
Research Division : Religious Culture and Thought Research Center Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Education, Theology
Research Division : Water Engineering Hydraulic Engineering, Water Management

General information

Alternative names TMU
دانشگاه تربیت مدرس
Founded 1982
Accreditation Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT)

Location and contacts

Address P.O. Box 14115-111 Jalal AleAhmad Nasr
Tehran, Tehran, 14117-13116
City population 8,694,000

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