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#94 of 2,785 In Europe
#2 of 95 In Portugal
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#22 of 1,017 For Biochemical Engineering
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Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate59%
Admissions RequirementsSecondary school certificate and entrance examination, with admitted students requiring a score of at least 10/20
Academic CalendarSeptember to July
Full time employee2,436
Student:staff ratio12:1

We've calculated the 59% acceptance rate for University of Porto based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

University of Porto is a world-class research university with 80,614 scientific papers published and 1,580,143 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Science, Physics, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Computer Science, Biochemistry, and Genetics.


University of Porto majors

by publication & citation count

49,165 / 1,162,121
41,316 / 1,073,504
37,063 / 776,579
36,034 / 764,507
Environmental Science
33,531 / 715,216
33,140 / 709,378
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
32,705 / 488,120
Computer Science
28,867 / 525,015
26,389 / 740,825
24,233 / 626,989
Quantum and Particle physics
21,163 / 442,173
Organic Chemistry
21,061 / 573,016
18,638 / 396,692
Materials Science
16,996 / 413,179
16,912 / 361,563
16,363 / 270,276
Geography and Cartography
15,879 / 280,903
15,763 / 171,495
15,382 / 359,554
15,381 / 268,597
12,748 / 276,136
Political Science
12,562 / 152,770
12,438 / 232,845
12,280 / 218,741
11,483 / 149,307
10,708 / 149,899
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
10,137 / 141,374
9,610 / 154,025
9,070 / 147,789
9,016 / 155,830
8,209 / 128,258
7,737 / 94,785
7,524 / 178,071
Optical Engineering
7,358 / 152,286
Public Health
7,149 / 170,945
6,902 / 94,357
6,813 / 167,201
Machine Learning
6,785 / 118,223
6,720 / 155,589
Metallurgical Engineering
6,286 / 142,823

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1990 132 293
1991 148 396
1992 153 452
1993 166 564
1994 181 671
1995 189 927
1996 245 1002
1997 273 1207
1998 326 1524
1999 408 2082
2000 524 2681
2001 573 3537
2002 590 4126
2003 768 5699
2004 943 7147
2005 1092 9367
2006 1388 12073
2007 1508 15206
2008 1888 19816
2009 2298 24859
2010 2415 30929
2011 2930 39062
2012 3554 48649
2013 4094 58307
2014 4176 67727
2015 4667 78378
2016 4780 86517
2017 4993 100189
2018 4957 110694
2019 5689 133265
2020 6271 168053
2021 7814 223979
2022 6944 222122
Academic rankings


International studetns Fees for international students range between 3,000 and 8,500 (EUR)
Local studetns Per annum: undergraduate 999; master 1,250; PhD 2,750 (EUR)

The University of Porto has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by University of Porto.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design Yes Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine Yes Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Licenciado Agricultural Engineering, Applied Linguistics, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biology, Biomedicine, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Arts, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Criminal Law, Cultural Studies, Dentistry, Economics, Educational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Food Science, Geography, Geological Engineering, Geology, History, Information Sciences, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Modern Languages, Multimedia, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physical Engineering, Physics, Portuguese, Psychology, Sociology, Sports, Surveying and Mapping, Veterinary Science
Mestre Accountancy, Adult Education, African Studies, Agricultural Engineering, American Studies, Applied Physics, Archaeology, Architecture and Planning, Art Education, Art History, Art Management, Astronomy and Space Science, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Consumer Studies, Contemporary History, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Data Processing, Dentistry, Design, Ecology, Economics, Education, Educational Sciences, Engineering, Engineering Management, English Studies, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Finance, Fine Arts, Food Science, Food Technology, Foreign Languages Education, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Genetics, Geography, Geological Engineering, Geology, Germanic Studies, Graphic Design, Health Administration, Health Education, Health Sciences, Heritage Preservation, History, Human Resources, Humanities and Social Science Education, Industrial Design, Information Sciences, International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, Landscape Architecture, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Marketing, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Mining Engineering, Molecular Biology, Multimedia, Museum Studies, Native Language Education, Natural Resources, Neurology, Nutrition, Oenology, Oncology, Orthodontics, Pathology, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Portuguese, Primary Education, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Public Health, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Safety Engineering, Science Education, Secondary Education, Service Trades, Sociology, Software Engineering, Soil Science, Sports, Sports Management, Surgery, Surveying and Mapping, Taxation, Teacher Training, Tourism, Town Planning, Toxicology, Translation and Interpretation, Transport Management, Visual Arts, Viticulture, Water Science
Doutor Agricultural Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Aquaculture, Architecture, Architecture and Planning, Art Education, Astronomy and Space Science, Bioengineering, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Dentistry, Design, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Fine Arts, Food Science, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Genetics, Geography, Gerontology, Health Sciences, Heritage Preservation, History, Industrial Management, Information Management, Information Technology, Landscape Architecture, Law, Leadership, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Modern History, Molecular Biology, Natural Sciences, Neurosciences, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Health, Oncology, Pathology, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Physics, Polymer and Plastics Technology, Psychology, Public Health, Science Education, Sociology, Soil Science, Sports, Surveying and Mapping, Telecommunications Engineering, Telecommunications Services, Toxicology, Transport and Communications, Veterinary Science

University of Porto alumni

  1. Álvaro Siza Vieira

    Álvaro Siza Vieira
    Born in
    Portugal Flag Portugal
    1933-.. (age 90)
    university teacherarchitect

    Álvaro Joaquim de Melo Siza Vieira is a Portuguese architect, and architectural educator. He is internationally known as Álvaro Siza (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈalvɐɾu ˈsizɐ]) and in Portugal as Siza Vieira (pronounced [ˈsizɐ ˈvjɐjɾɐ]).

  2. Rui Faria

    Rui Faria
    Born in
    Portugal Flag Portugal
    1975-.. (age 48)
    association football manager

    Rui Filipe da Cunha Faria is a Portuguese football coach, known for his work with football manager José Mourinho for 17 years.

  3. Camilo Castelo Branco

    Camilo Castelo Branco
    Born in
    Portugal Flag Portugal
    1825-1890 (aged 65)

    Camilo Castelo Branco, 1st Viscount of Correia Botelho, was a prolific Portuguese writer of the 19th century, having produced over 260 books (mainly novels, plays and essays). His writing is considered original in that it combines the dramatic and sentimental spirit of Romanticism with a highly personal combination of sarcasm, bitterness and dark humour. He is also celebrated for his peculiar wit and anecdotal character, as well as for his turbulent (and ultimately tragic) life.

  4. Catarina Martins

    Catarina Martins
    Born in
    Portugal Flag Portugal
    1973-.. (age 50)
    stage actorpoliticianactor

    Catarina Soares Martins is a Portuguese politician and actress. She is the national coordinator of the Left Bloc since 2012 and has been a member of the Assembly of the Republic for the Left Bloc since 2009. She trained as a linguist and is active in theater.

All 68 notable alumni

University of Porto faculties and divisions

Faculty : Architecture Architecture, Town Planning, Urban Studies
Faculty : Arts and Humanities Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Art History, Arts and Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Classical Languages, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, English, English Studies, Geography, German, Germanic Studies, Heritage Preservation, History, Information Sciences, International Relations and Diplomacy, Literature, Medieval Studies, Modern Languages, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Portuguese, Romance Languages, Social Sciences, Sociology, Translation and Interpretation
Faculty : Dentistry Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Surgery
Faculty : Economics Accountancy, Administration, Business Administration, Economics, Environmental Management, Finance, Health Administration, Human Resources, International Business, Management, Marketing, Taxation
Faculty : Engineering Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Building Technologies, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Coastal Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Energy Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Food Technology, Geological Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Information Management, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Laboratory Techniques, Management, Management Systems, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Multimedia, Nanotechnology, Occupational Health, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Physical Engineering, Production Engineering, Safety Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Town Planning, Transport Economics, Transport Engineering, Transport Management, Water Science
Faculty : Fine Arts Art Education, Communication Arts, Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Multimedia, Museum Studies, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Visual Arts
Faculty : Law Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminology, Fiscal Law, Law
Faculty : Medicine Biomedicine, Cardiology, Epidemiology, Ethics, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Gerontology, Health Administration, Health Education, Medicine, Neurosciences, Occupational Health, Oncology, Orthodontics, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicine, Surgery
Faculty : Nutrition and Food Science Dietetics, Food Science, Nutrition
Faculty : Pharmacy Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Toxicology
Faculty : Psychology and Educational Sciences Adult Education, African Studies, Educational Sciences, Higher Education, Psychology, Social Studies, Special Education, Teacher Training
Faculty : Science Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Applied Mathematics, Astronomy and Space Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Data Processing, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Food Science, Food Technology, Genetics, Geology, Landscape Architecture, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Natural Resources, Nutrition, Oenology, Physics, Science Education, Urban Studies, Viticulture, Water Management, Water Science
Faculty : Sports Health Sciences, Leisure Studies, Physical Education, Sports, Sports Management
Institute : Biomedical Sciences Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Genetics, Gerontology, Health Sciences, Marine Science and Oceanography, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Oncology, Pathology, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Social Sciences, Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Therapy, Traditional Eastern Medicine, Veterinary Science, Zoology

General information

Alternative names U.Porto
Universidade do Porto
Founded 1911
Accreditation Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES); Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior
Motto Virtus Unita Fortius Agit
Unity makes strength

Location and contacts

Address Praça Gomes Teixeira
Porto, 4099-002
City population 238,000

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