Best university in Alva, OK

We ranked Northwestern Oklahoma State University based on its reputation, research performance, and alumni impact. The rankings are determined by analyzing 369 citations received by 67 academic publications made by the university from Alva, the popularity of 4 recognized alumni, and the largest reference database available.

1. Northwestern Oklahoma State University

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Universities near Alva

Distance, km
Country rank
98 Barclay College 2012
United States Flag
Haviland, Kansas
141 Southwestern Oklahoma State University 873
United States Flag
Weatherford, Oklahoma
149 Newman University 1259
United States Flag
Wichita, Kansas
151 Friends University 1255
United States Flag
Wichita, Kansas
158 Langston University 856
United States Flag
Langston, Oklahoma
158 Southwestern College - Kansas 1292
United States Flag
Winfield, Kansas
159 Wichita State University 247
United States Flag
Wichita, Kansas
162 Oklahoma State University 115
United States Flag
Stillwater, Oklahoma
162 Sterling College - Kansas 1327
United States Flag
Sterling, Kansas
167 University of Central Oklahoma 545
United States Flag
Edmond, Oklahoma