Top 49 universities in Belarus: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1Belarusian State UniversityMinsk
2Belarusian State Technological UniversityMinsk
3Belarusian National Technical University35%Minsk
4Belarusian State University of Informatics and RadioelectronicsMinsk
5Polotsk State UniversityNovopolotsk
6Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of BelarusMinsk
7Yanka Kupala State University of GrodnoGrodno
8Belarusian State Agricultural Academy85%Gorki
9Belarusian State Medical UniversityMinsk
10Mogilev State UniversityMogilev
11Gomel State UniversityGomel
12Belarusian State Economic University65%Minsk
13Minsk Innovation UniversityMinsk
14Belarusian State Pedagogical UniversityMinsk
15Mozyr State Pedagogical UniversityMozyr
16Brest State Technical UniversityBrest
17Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary MedicineVitebsk
18Academy of the Ministry of Internal AffairsMinsk
19Grodno State Medical University55%Grodno
20Belarusian-Russian UniversityMogilev
21Gomel State Technical University35%Gomel
22Vitebsk State UniversityVitebsk
23Institute of Management and EntrepreneurshipMinsk
24Vitebsk State Medical UniversityVitebsk
25Brest State UniversityBrest
26Belarusian State University of Physical Culture85%Minsk
27Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts85%Minsk
28Vitebsk State Technological UniversityVitebsk
29Graduate School of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus65%Minsk
30Grodno State Agrarian UniversityGrodno
31Polessky State University45%Pinsk
32Belarusian State Academy of CommunicationsMinsk
33Minsk State Linguistic UniversityMinsk
34Baranovichi State UniversityBaranovichi
35Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives85%Gomel
36International University MITSOMinsk
37Belarusian State Academy of MusicMinsk
38BIP - Institute of Law85%Minsk
39Mogilev State University of Food TechnologiesMogilev
40Gomel State Medical University65%Gomel
41Belarusian State Agrarian Technical UniversityMinsk
42Belarusian State University of TransportGomel
43Belarusian State Academy of ArtsMinsk
44Institute of Parliamentarism and Private EnterpriseMinsk
45Belarusian State Academy of AviationMinsk
46International Humanities and Economics InstituteMinsk
47Gomel Engineering InstituteGomel
48Institute of Modern KnowledgeMinsk
49Minsk State Higher Radiotechnical CollegeMinsk

The best cities to study in Belarus based on the number of universities and their ranks are Minsk, Novopolotsk, Grodno, and Gorki.

Average cost of living for students in Belarus is $296 + $30-214 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).