Top 59 universities in Ecuador: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1Salesian Polytechnic UniversityCuenca
2ESPOL Polytechnic University35%Guayaquil
3San Francisco de Quito University55%Quito
4Pontifical Catholic University of EcuadorQuito
5National Polytechnic School, Ecuador25%Quito
6Technical University of Loja65%Loja
7University of Cuenca55%Cuenca
8Equinox University of Technology, QuitoQuito
9Technical University of AmbatoAmbato
10University of GuayaquilGuayaquil
11Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil75%Guayaquil
12School of Technology of Chimborazo, RiobambaRiobamba
13Central University of Ecuador, QuitoQuito
14University of Azuay65%Cuenca
15Simon Bolivar Andean University, Ecuador55%Quito
16Technical University of ManabiPortoviejo
17Technical University of MachalaMachala
18Latin American Social Sciences Institute, EcuadorQuito
19Technical University of the North, IbarraIbarra
20National University of Loja85%Loja
21Civil University Vicente Rocafuerte of GuayaquilGuayaquil
22Technical State University of Quevedo55%Quevedo
23National University of Chimborazo45%Riobamba
24International University of Ecuador15%Quito
25Institute of Advanced National StudiesQuito
26Technical University of BabahoyoBabahoyo
27State University of Bolivar, GuarandaGuaranda
28State University of MilagroMilagro
29Espiritu Santo University55%Samborondon
30Technical University of Cotopaxi, LatacungaLatacunga
31Civil University Eloy Alfaro of ManabiManta
32University of the AmericasQuito
33SEK UniversityQuito
34Catholic University of CuencaCuenca
35Autonomous Regional University of the AndesAmbato
36State University of Santa Elena Peninsula45%La Libertad
37Ecotec UniversityGuayaquil
38National University of Education - AzoguesAzogues
39Technological Amerindian University, AmbatoQuito
40University of the HemispheresQuito
41Casa Grande UniversityGuayaquil
42Amazonian State UniversityPuyo
43Israel UniversityQuito
44Metropolitan University, EcuadorGuayaquil
45Private University of San Gregorio PortoviejoPortoviejo
46Agricultural University of EcuadorGuayaquil
47Luis Vargas Torres Technical UniversityEsmeraldas
48Yachay Tech UniversitySan Miguel de Urcuqui
49State Polytechnic University of CarchiTulcan
50University of the Pacific, Ecuador75%Quito
51State University of Southern ManabiJipijapa
52Agricultural Polytechnic of ManabiManta
53University of OtavaloOtavalo
54Universidad Iberoamericana of EcuadorQuito
55Business and Technological University of GuayaquilGuayaquil
56IKIAM Amazon Regional UniversityTena
57University of Santa Maria, Guayaquil CampusGuayaquil
58University of the ArtsGuayaquil
59University of Tourism Specialties65%Quito

The best cities to study in Ecuador based on the number of universities and their ranks are Cuenca, Guayaquil, Quito, and Loja.

Average cost of living for students in Ecuador is $448 + $47-338 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).