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Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate35%
Admissions RequirementsHong Kong Certificate of Education (HKCEE) and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE), or equivalent
Academic CalendarSeptember to May (September - December; February-May)

We've calculated the 35% acceptance rate for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a world-class research university with 61,386 scientific papers published and 1,868,719 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Quantum and Particle physics, Biology, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and Organic Chemistry.


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology majors

by publication & citation count

43,856 / 1,350,078
37,736 / 1,180,557
33,406 / 1,132,299
Computer Science
30,942 / 805,339
Quantum and Particle physics
28,144 / 907,930
27,837 / 945,454
Materials Science
24,004 / 826,871
Environmental Science
23,198 / 731,152
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
19,994 / 556,714
Organic Chemistry
18,887 / 727,065
17,134 / 444,577
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
15,539 / 378,327
Electrical Engineering
14,437 / 367,770
12,501 / 313,047
12,498 / 445,130
12,420 / 368,916
12,262 / 366,242
Optical Engineering
11,951 / 395,490
Geography and Cartography
11,410 / 347,703
10,502 / 256,002
10,496 / 308,436
10,481 / 251,373
9,776 / 305,678
9,341 / 394,247
9,256 / 313,575
Computer Networking
9,243 / 216,713
Metallurgical Engineering
8,811 / 305,255
Political Science
8,651 / 258,184
8,477 / 279,033
8,374 / 248,623
Machine Learning
7,654 / 222,818
7,348 / 209,429
Chemical Engineering
7,125 / 340,994
7,067 / 211,397
Mechanical Engineering
6,647 / 169,658
Computer Vision
6,491 / 138,568
Physical chemistry
6,267 / 280,947
5,904 / 201,588
5,760 / 141,105
Electronic Engineering
5,755 / 116,204

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1990 16 32
1991 28 32
1992 65 51
1993 153 177
1994 269 261
1995 530 671
1996 700 1204
1997 861 2158
1998 927 3060
1999 1003 4379
2000 1151 5971
2001 1262 7563
2002 1269 9805
2003 1554 13210
2004 1658 17151
2005 1596 22085
2006 1869 27299
2007 2051 32516
2008 1840 38709
2009 2091 46537
2010 2047 52705
2011 2029 60679
2012 2191 66386
2013 2350 75653
2014 2680 84779
2015 2654 92644
2016 2870 101374
2017 2987 112805
2018 3096 123525
2019 3590 148953
2020 3946 178592
2021 4611 232244
2022 4021 214113
Academic rankings


The tuition table for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology gives an overview of costs but prices are approximate and subject to change and don't include accommodation, textbooks, or living expenses. The costs of programs might differ significantly for local and international students. The only source of truth for current numbers is the university's official website.

Program Tuition Cost (per year)
Undergraduate (Local) HKD 42,100
Undergraduate (Non-local) HKD 145,000
Postgraduate (Local) HKD 42,100 - 145,000
Postgraduate (Non-local) HKD 145,000 - 220,000

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design No No No
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine No No No
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Bachelor's Degree Accountancy, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Business and Commerce, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Finance, Industrial Engineering, International Business, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Social Sciences
Master's Degree Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Air Transport, Biotechnology, Building Technologies, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chinese, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, Information Technology, Management, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Engineering, Social Sciences, Telecommunications Engineering
Master of Philosophy Accountancy, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Economics, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Physics, Social Sciences
Doctor's Degree Accountancy, Arts and Humanities, Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Economics, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Finance, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Social Sciences

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology alumni

  1. Myolie Wu

    Myolie Wu
    Born in
    China Flag China
    1979-.. (age 44)
    actorfilm actor

    Myolie Wu Hang-yee is a Hong Kong actress and singer. She is previously managed by Hong Kong TVB television station and Neway Star. In 2011, she won Best Actress for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem, Most Favourite TV Female Character for her role in Ghetto Justice and also "Extraordinary Elegant Actress" at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, making her the first ever Triple TV Queen of the year. Wu left TVB in 2015.

  2. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit

    Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit
    Born in
    Thailand Flag Thailand
    1978-.. (age 45)

    Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit is a Thai politician who served as the leader of the Future Forward Party until the party dissolved in 2020. From 2002 to early-2018, Thanathorn was the vice president of the Thai Summit Group, Thailand's largest auto parts manufacturer.

  3. Koni Lui

    Koni Lui
    Born in
    China Flag China
    1982-.. (age 41)
    beauty pageant contestantmodelactor

    Koni Lui Wai Yee is a model and 2nd runner up at the Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant. She represented Hong Kong at Miss International 2006 in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China. She received two awards, Most Beautiful Smile and the Miss Friendship award. She won four Miss Friendship titles (2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005). With her win, Hong Kong is tied with Japan as the only nations at Miss International to win more than four Miss Friendships and at any international pageant.

  4. Starry Lee

    Starry Lee
    Born in
    United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
    1974-.. (age 49)

    Starry Lee Wai-king, SBS, JP is a Hong Kong politician, chairperson of the largest pro-establishment Beijing-loyalist party, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB). She is a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC), Legislative Councillor for the Kowloon Central geographical constituency, and a Kowloon City District Councillor. From 2012 to 2016, she was a member of the Executive Council.

All 10 notable alumni

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology faculties and divisions

Centre : Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies Communication Studies, Computer Engineering
Centre : Advanced Microsystem Packaging (CAMP) Electronic Engineering
Centre : Applied Social and Economic Research (CASER) Economics, Social Studies
Centre : Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies (Tanoto) Small Business
Centre : Asian Financial Markets Banking, Finance
Centre : Atmospheric Research (Nansha) Meteorology
Centre : Building Energy Research (BERC) [Nansha] Energy Engineering
Centre : Business Case Studies Business and Commerce
Centre : Business Data Analysis Business and Commerce, Data Processing
Centre : Business Strategy and Innovation Business and Commerce
Centre : Cancer Research Oncology
Centre : Chinese Linguistics Chinese, Linguistics
Centre : Chinese Medicine R&D Traditional Eastern Medicine
Centre : Cyberspace Computer Engineering
Centre : Digital Life Research (Nansha) Computer Engineering
Centre : Display Research Electronic Engineering
Centre : Economic Development Economic and Finance Policy, Economics
Centre : Electronic Commerce (Tongyi Industrial Group) E-Business/Commerce
Centre : Engineering Materials and Reliability (CEMAR) [Nansha] Engineering
Centre : Environment, Energy and Resource Policy (CEERP) Environmental Management
Centre : Experimental Business Research (cEBR) Administration, Business Education
Centre : Fundamental Physics Physics
Centre : Green Products and Processing Technologies (Nansha) Environmental Engineering
Centre : HKUST LED-FPD Technology R&D Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Centre : Investing (Value Partners) Finance
Centre : Marketing and Supply Chain Management Marketing, Transport Management
Centre : Metamaterials Research Materials Engineering
Centre : Molecular Neuroscience Neurosciences
Centre : Polymer Processing and Systems (Nansha) Polymer and Plastics Technology
Centre : Scientific Computation Applied Mathematics, Computer Science
Centre : Semiconductor Product Analysis and Design Enhancement Electronic Engineering
Centre : Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Research Architecture
Centre : Space Science Research Astronomy and Space Science
Centre : Statistical Sciences Statistics
Centre : Stem Cell Research Cell Biology
Centre : Sustainable Energy Technology (CSET) Energy Engineering
Centre : Systems Biology and Human Health Biological and Life Sciences
Centre : Visual Computing and Imaging Science at HKUST Computer Graphics
Centre : Wireless Information Technology (CenWIT) Information Technology
Department/Division : Environment Environmental Engineering
Laboratory : Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies (Partner SKL) Optical Technology
Laboratory : Molecular Neuroscience (SKL) Neurosciences
Research Division : Advanced Manufacturing (AMI) Production Engineering
Research Division : Biotechnology Research (BRI) Biotechnology
Research Division : Emerging Markets Studies (IEMS) Business and Commerce
Research Division : Energy (HKUST) Energy Engineering
Research Division : Hongkong Telecom Information Technology (HKTIIT) Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering
Research Division : Integrated Microsystems (I2MS) Microelectronics
Research Division : Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCMI) Transport Management
Research Division : Nano Science and Technology (WMINST) Nanotechnology, Physical Engineering
Research Division : Sino Software Research (SSRI) Software Engineering
School : Business and Management Accountancy, Business and Commerce, Economics, Finance, Information Management, Management, Marketing
School : Engineering Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
School : Humanities and Social Sciences Arts and Humanities, Modern Languages, Social Sciences
School : Science Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
Unit : Advanced Engineering Materials Facility Materials Engineering
Unit : Animal and Plant Care Facility Animal Husbandry, Horticulture
Unit : Biosciences Central Research Facility Biological and Life Sciences
Unit : Design and Manufacturing Services Facility Maintenance Technology
Unit : Environmental Central Facility Environmental Studies
Unit : Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility Geological Engineering
Unit : Materials Characterization and Preparation Facilty Materials Engineering
Unit : Nanoelectronics Fabrication Facility Microelectronics, Nanotechnology

General information

Alternative names HKUST
Founded 1991
Accreditation Education Bureau

Location and contacts

Address Clear Water Bay
City population 7,501,000

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