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#319 of 14,131 In the World
#41 of 5,830 In Asia
#22 of 960 In China
#3 of 59 In Beijing
#1 of 1,021 For Hydrology and Water resources management
Top100 For 14 other topics
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Acceptance rate

* Beijing Normal University is among the institutions that don't provide data on acceptance rates. This might happen because the university has programs where applicants only need to meet admission requirements to enroll and don't necessarily compete with others.

We estimate the above acceptance rate based on admission statistics of closely ranked nearby universities with similar research profiles that do publish such data.

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Admissions RequirementsGraduation from high school and entrance examination
Academic CalendarSeptember to July (September - January; February-July)
Full time employee2,064
Student:staff ratio12:1

Research profile

Beijing Normal University is a world-class research university with 79,805 scientific papers published and 1,278,381 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Environmental Science, Engineering, Biology, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Geography and Cartography, Quantum and Particle physics, and Geology.


Beijing Normal University majors

by publication & citation count

Environmental Science
45,476 / 788,304
44,689 / 812,597
41,628 / 809,763
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
41,609 / 567,890
40,574 / 697,349
Computer Science
34,869 / 512,751
32,282 / 647,155
Geography and Cartography
32,154 / 545,925
Quantum and Particle physics
29,280 / 499,418
26,877 / 524,251
26,250 / 555,147
Political Science
25,019 / 324,033
24,663 / 322,302
23,253 / 434,083
21,584 / 335,274
21,113 / 210,435
20,810 / 268,251
20,453 / 326,160
19,968 / 266,784
Organic Chemistry
19,774 / 436,518
Materials Science
16,726 / 341,546
15,952 / 172,742
15,227 / 226,412
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
15,189 / 196,363
13,778 / 290,047
13,686 / 177,468
13,231 / 146,692
12,925 / 224,992
Optical Engineering
11,974 / 224,628
11,353 / 205,036
11,339 / 111,739
Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
10,328 / 234,246
Machine Learning
10,293 / 141,049
10,006 / 227,242
Environmental Management
9,141 / 230,620
Astrophysics and Astronomy
8,463 / 153,651
Art & Design
8,356 / 72,744
8,096 / 156,870
7,894 / 166,347
7,494 / 143,019

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 109 213
1992 146 193
1993 148 241
1994 142 382
1995 169 367
1996 174 437
1997 212 556
1998 244 662
1999 255 683
2000 407 1034
2001 454 1079
2002 664 1639
2003 752 1951
2004 1241 2573
2005 1543 3769
2006 1957 4953
2007 2316 6561
2008 2675 8572
2009 2857 11249
2010 3083 14546
2011 3289 19200
2012 3095 25197
2013 3276 31991
2014 3589 39219
2015 3501 47612
2016 3426 55926
2017 3600 65051
2018 4207 82398
2019 4711 103412
2020 5242 131473
2021 6142 166488
2022 7249 203953
2023 7608 219299
Academic rankings


International studetns 24,000-98,000 per annum (CNY)

Beijing Normal University has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by Beijing Normal University.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design Yes Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine Yes Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Bachelor - Xueshi Xuewei Arts and Humanities, Economics, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, History, Law, Management, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences
Master - Shuoshi Xuewei Accountancy, Acting, Administrative Law, Adult Education, Aesthetics, American Studies, Analytical Chemistry, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art Criticism, Art Education, Artificial Intelligence, Asian Religious Studies, Astrophysics, Business Administration, Chemistry, Chinese, Cinema and Television, Civil Law, Clinical Psychology, Commercial Law, Comparative Law, Comparative Literature, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Curriculum, Dance, Data Processing, Design, Developmental Psychology, Distance Education, Ecology, Economics, Education of the Gifted, Education of the Handicapped, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, English, English Studies, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Family Studies, Finance, Fine Arts, Fiscal Law, Folklore, Foreigners Education, Higher Education, History, Human Resources, Hydraulic Engineering, Information Sciences, Inorganic Chemistry, Institutional Administration, International and Comparative Education, International Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Japanese, Library Science, Linguistics, Literature, Logic, Mass Communication, Mathematics Education, Media Studies, Modern History, Music, Music Theory and Composition, Musical Instruments, Pedagogy, Philology, Philosophy, Phonetics, Physical Education, Political Sciences, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Psychometrics, Publishing and Book Trade, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Religious Studies, Russian, Science Education, Singing, Social Psychology, Software Engineering, Special Education, Sports, Sports Management, Teacher Training, Technology Education, Vocational Education, Waste Management, Water Science
PhD - Boshi Administration, Aesthetics, Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Linguistics, Archaeology, Art Criticism, Astronomy and Space Science, Astrophysics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Chemistry, Chinese, Civil Law, Classical Languages, Cognitive Sciences, Commercial Law, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Criminal Law, Curriculum, Distance Education, Ecology, Economics, Education of the Gifted, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Educational Research, Educational Technology, English Studies, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Folklore, Foreign Languages Education, Foreigners Education, Higher Education, History, Human Resources, Inorganic Chemistry, International and Comparative Education, International Business, International Law, Japanese, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Logic, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Medieval Studies, Modern History, Natives Education, Neurosciences, Optics, Philosophical Schools, Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Physical Education, Physics, Preschool Education, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Solid State Physics, Sports, Sports Management, Teacher Training, Vocational Education, Waste Management, Water Science

Beijing Normal University alumni

  1. Liu Xiaobo

    Liu Xiaobo
    Born in
    China Flag China
    1955-2017 (aged 62)
    Enrolled in Beijing Normal University
    1982-1984 graduated with Master of Arts
    1986-1988 graduated with Doctor of Philosophy in literary studies
    literary criticpoethuman rights activistwriter

    Liu Xiaobo was a Chinese literary critic, human rights activist, philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who called for political reforms and was involved in campaigns to end communist one-party rule in China. He was arrested numerous times, and was described as China's most prominent dissident and the country's most famous political prisoner. On 26 June 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with liver cancer; he died a few weeks later on 13 July 2017.

  2. Chai Ling

    Chai Ling
    Born in
    China Flag China
    1966-.. (age 58)
    human rights activistbusinessperson

    Chai Ling is a Chinese psychologist and businesswoman who was one of the student leaders in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. She was a representative of the hardline faction of the protest movement and according to a documentary, Gate of Heavenly Peace, she had indicated that the strategy of the leadership group she dominated was to provoke the Government to use violence against the unarmed students. Comments that she made to that effect in an interview later formed the basis of two lawsuits. She had also claimed to have witnessed soldiers killing student protesters inside Tiananmen Square.

  3. Mo Yan

    Mo Yan
    Born in
    China Flag China
    1955-.. (age 69)

    Guan Moye, better known by the pen name Mo Yan, is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. Donald Morrison of U.S. news magazine TIME referred to him as "one of the most famous, oft-banned and widely pirated of all Chinese writers", and Jim Leach called him the Chinese answer to Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller. In 2012, Mo was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work as a writer "who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary".

  4. Wu'erkaixi

    Born in
    China Flag China
    1968-.. (age 56)
    dissidentpoliticianopinion journalisthuman rights activistpundit

    Örkesh Dölet is a political commentator known for his leading role during the Tiananmen protests of 1989.

All 42 notable alumni

Beijing Normal University faculties and divisions

Academy : Beijing Cultural Development Cultural Studies
Academy : Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Safety Engineering
Centre : Analytical and Testing Social Sciences
Centre : Literary Theory and Criticism Social Sciences
Centre : Study of Folk Custom, Ancient Codes and Records and Characters Folklore
College : Chemistry Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
College : Chinese Language and Culture Chinese, Linguistics
College : Global Change and Earth System Science Geography, Geography (Human), Regional Planning, Town Planning
College : Information Science and Technology Computer Science, Information Management, Information Technology, Software Engineering
College : Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Engineering
College : Philosophy and Sociology Philosophy, Sociology
College : Physical Education and Sports Science Physical Education, Sports
College : Resource Sciences and Technology Geography, Geography (Human), Natural Resources, Safety Engineering, Surveying and Mapping
College : Water Sciences Water Science
Department/Division : Astronomy Astronomy and Space Science
Department/Division : Physics Physics
Faculty : Education Adult Education, Curriculum, Educational Research, Educational Technology, Higher Education, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Special Education, Vocational Education
Institute : Agricultural Education and Development Agricultural Education
Institute : Basic Education Research Education
Institute : Chinese Information Processing Information Management
Institute : Cultural and Creative Industry Cultural Studies
Institute : Economics of Education Economics, Education
Institute : Educational Policy Educational Administration
Institute : Higher Education Higher Education
Institute : Mathematics and Mathematics Education Mathematics, Mathematics Education
Institute : Medicine Medicine
Institute : National Educational Testing and Evaluation Educational Testing and Evaluation
Institute : Publishing Science Publishing and Book Trade
Laboratory : Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning Cognitive Sciences, Neurosciences
Research Division : Basic Education Curriculum Curriculum
School : Arts and Communication Cinema and Television, Dance, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Musicology, Radio and Television Broadcasting
School : Chinese Ancient Books and Traditional Culture Ancient Books
School : Chinese Language and Literature Chinese, Literature
School : Continuing Education and Teacher Training Continuing Education, Teacher Training
School : Economics and Business Administration Business Administration, Economics
School : Economics and Resource Management Economics
School : Environment Environmental Management, Environmental Studies
School : Foreign Languages and Literatures English, Japanese, Modern Languages, Russian
School : Geography Geography
School : History Archaeology, History, Museum Studies
School : Law Criminal Law, International Law, Law
School : Life Sciences Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Soil Conservation, Water Management, Wildlife, Zoology
School : Management Administration, Human Resources, Information Management, Management, Public Administration
School : Marxism Studies Political Sciences
School : Mathematical Sciences Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Automation, Mathematics, Statistics
School : Psychology Psychology
School : Social Development and Public Policy Public Administration, Social Sciences

General information

Alternative names BNU
Founded 1902
Accreditation Ministry of Education
Motto Learn to teach, behave to guide

Location and contacts

Address 19 Xinjiekou Wai Street Xicheng District
Beijing, 100875
City population 21,893,000

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