Top 31 universities in Cuba: Rankings & Acceptance rate

University name
Acceptance rate
Acc. rate
City & State
1University of HavanaHavana
2Marta Abreu University of Las VillasSanta Clara
3University of the East - CubaSantiago de Cuba
4Technological University of Habana Jose Antonio EcheverriaHavana
5University of Information SciencesHavana
6University of CienfuegosCienfuegos
7Hermanos Saiz Montes de Oca University of Pinar del RioPinar del Rio
8National Institute of Agricultural SciencesSan Jose de las Lajas
9University of HolguinHolguin
10University of GranmaBayamo
11Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University of CamagueyCamaguey
12Las Tunas UniversityLas Tunas
13University of MatanzasMatanzas
14University of GuantanamoGuantanamo
15Fructuoso Rodriguez Perez Agricultural University of HavanaSan Jose de las Lajas
16Maximo Gomez Baez University of Ciego de AvilaMoron
17Higher Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, MoaMoa
18Jose Marti Perez University of Sancti SpiritusSancti Spiritus
19The Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied SciencesHavana
20Latin American School of MedicineHavana
21Manuel Fajardo University of Sciences of Physical Culture and SportHavana
22Pedagogical University of Pinar del RioPinar del Rio
23Pedagogical University Enrique Jose VaronaHavana
24Higher Institute of International Relations Raul Roa GarciaHavana
25ISA, University of the ArtsHavana
26Institute of Animal ScienceSan Jose de las Lajas
27Jesus Montane Oropesa University of Isla de la JuventudIsla de la Juventud
28Higher Institute of Industrial DesignHavana
29Medical University of HolguinHolguin
30Medical University of Sancti SpiritusSancti Spiritus
31Medical University of Villa ClaraSanta Clara

The best cities to study in Cuba based on the number of universities and their ranks are Havana, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, and Cienfuegos.

Average cost of living for students in Cuba is $396 + $38-272 for rent (depends on where to live: dormitory, renting with a roommate or solo).