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#3055 of 14,131 In the World
#189 of 1,756 In Latin America
#10 of 136 In Peru
#2 of 7 In Trujillo
#1137 of 6,566 For Philosophy
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Acceptance rate

* Cesar Vallejo University is among the institutions that don't provide data on acceptance rates. This might happen because the university has programs where applicants only need to meet admission requirements to enroll and don't necessarily compete with others.

We estimate the above acceptance rate based on admission statistics of closely ranked nearby universities with similar research profiles that do publish such data.

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Admissions RequirementsSecondary school certificate
Academic CalendarApril to December

Research profile

Cesar Vallejo University has published 5,780 scientific papers with 3,162 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Philosophy, Political Science, Medicine, Environmental Science, Sociology, Biology, Law, Psychology, and Geography and Cartography.


Cesar Vallejo University majors

by publication & citation count

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
5,277 / 2,594
4,633 / 1,881
Political Science
2,696 / 1,276
1,400 / 1,408
Environmental Science
1,225 / 1,072
1,203 / 839
1,056 / 931
887 / 687
876 / 825
Geography and Cartography
873 / 574
Computer Science
832 / 676
723 / 706
660 / 967
626 / 772
613 / 428
514 / 691
512 / 606
489 / 435
476 / 620
428 / 315
Health Science
372 / 250
364 / 381
Social Psychology
358 / 279
353 / 287
Quantum and Particle physics
351 / 385
339 / 538
Public Health
333 / 483
333 / 335
320 / 330
310 / 428
Development Studies
300 / 200
Education Majors
287 / 152
279 / 472
277 / 159
Math Teachers
270 / 128
269 / 193
Mechanical Engineering
262 / 124
260 / 287
Clinical Psychology
230 / 347
Child Psychology
223 / 213

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
2009 3 2
2010 2 3
2011 6 1
2012 2 7
2013 12 13
2014 37 13
2015 96 11
2016 154 12
2017 130 21
2018 181 47
2019 265 51
2020 637 144
2021 1416 404
2022 1321 761
2023 1457 1643
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The tuition table for Cesar Vallejo University gives an overview of costs but prices are approximate and subject to change and don't include accommodation, textbooks, or living expenses. The costs of programs might differ significantly for local and international students. The only source of truth for current numbers is the university's official website.

Program Tuition Cost (Per Semester) Currency
Business Administration 6,000 Peruvian Sol
Law 5,500 Peruvian Sol
Engineering 7,000 Peruvian Sol
Medicine 8,500 Peruvian Sol
Education 4,500 Peruvian Sol

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by Cesar Vallejo University.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design Yes Yes No
Biology Yes Yes No
Business Yes Yes No
Chemistry Yes Yes No
Computer Science Yes Yes No
Economics Yes Yes No
Engineering Yes Yes No
Environmental Science Yes Yes No
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes No
Mathematics Yes Yes No
Medicine Yes Yes No
Physics Yes Yes No
Psychology Yes Yes No
Bachiller Accountancy, Administration, Agricultural Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, English, Environmental Engineering, Fine Arts, French, German, Graphic Design, Industrial Engineering, International Business, Italian, Law, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Mining Engineering, Modern Languages, Nursing, Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Sports, Stomatology, Systems Analysis, Translation and Interpretation
Maestría Agricultural Business, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Criminal Law, Education, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Educational Testing and Evaluation, Engineering, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, Higher Education, Human Resources, Law, Medicine, Political Sciences, Preschool Education, Psychology, Public Administration, Special Education, Systems Analysis, Transport Management
Doctorado Administration, Architecture, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, Higher Education, Law, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Studies

Notable alumni

  1. Pedro Castillo

    Pedro Castillo
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1969-.. (age 55)
    Enrolled in Cesar Vallejo University
    Graduated with master's degree in educational psychology
    Studied education
    school teachertrade unionistpolitician

    José Pedro Castillo Terrones is a Peruvian politician, former elementary school teacher, and union leader who served as the President of Peru from 28 July 2021 to 7 December 2022. Castillo attempted to illegally dissolve Congress through a self-coup on 7 December 2022 while citing Congress' efforts to block his attempted policies, resulting in the legislative body impeaching and removing him from office the same day.

  2. Daniel Salaverry

    Daniel Salaverry
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1972-.. (age 52)

    Daniel Enrique Salaverry Villa is a Peruvian architect, businessman and politician. Between 2016 and 2019, he served in Congress representing the Department of La Libertad. Elected to Congress under the Fujimorist Popular Force party, he was the party's spokesperson for a year, and was President of the Congress from 2018 to 2019. He ran as a candidate for the presidency of Peru for the We Are Peru party in the 2021 general elections.

  3. Lilia Paredes

    Lilia Paredes
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1973-.. (age 51)
    school teacher

    Lilia Ulcida Paredes Navarro is a Peruvian teacher who was the first lady of Peru from 28 July 2021 to 7 December 2022 and the wife of President Pedro Castillo. She and her children are evangelicals, while her husband is a Catholic.

  4. Richard Acuña

    Richard Acuña
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1984-.. (age 40)
    Enrolled in Cesar Vallejo University
    Studied in 2004-2009

    Richard Frank Acuña Núñez is a Peruvian politician and a former Congressman representing La Libertad between 2011 and 2019. He was elected first in the 2011 elections and was re-elected in 2016.

  5. Alejandro Zaera-Polo

    Alejandro Zaera-Polo
    Born in
    Spain Flag Spain
    1963-.. (age 61)

    Alejandro Zaera Polo is a Spanish architect, theorist and founder of Alejandro Zaera-Polo & Maider Llaguno Architecture. He was formerly dean of the Princeton University School of Architecture and of the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.

  6. Lady Camones

    Lady Camones
    1975-.. (age 49)

    Lady Mercedes Camones Soriano is a Peruvian lawyer and politician. She was elected Congresswoman of the Republic for the period 2021-2026.

  7. Gisela Ortiz

    Gisela Ortiz
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1972-.. (age 52)
    administratorpoliticianhuman rights activist

    Andrea Gisela Ortiz Perea is a Peruvian human rights activist and politician. She served as minister of culture of Peru from 2021 to 2022.

  8. Aracely Quispe Neira

    Aracely Quispe Neira
    Born in
    Peru Flag Peru
    1982-.. (age 42)
    Enrolled in Cesar Vallejo University
    Graduated with systems engineering
    engineeraerospace engineerastronautical engineerscientist

    Irma Aracely Quispe Neira is a Peruvian-American senior astronautical engineer, NASA scientist, academic and researcher. She is known as the first Latin-American woman to lead three successful NASA missions in the United States: Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Quispe has been a senior flight operations and systems engineer of the successful James Webb Space Telescope launching. She is an official speaker at the NASA and the United States Department of State, professor at Capitol Technology University, and STEM educator.

Cesar Vallejo University faculties and divisions

Faculty : Architecture and Engineering Accountancy, Administration, Agricultural Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Higher Education, Industrial Engineering, International Business, Law, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Midwifery, Mining Engineering, Modern Languages, Nursing, Nutrition, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Studies, Sports, Stomatology, Systems Analysis, Translation and Interpretation
Faculty : Business Studies Accountancy, Administration, Business Administration, Economics, Hotel Management, International Business, Marketing, Tourism
Faculty : Education and Languages English, French, German, Italian, Modern Languages, Primary Education, Translation and Interpretation
Faculty : Health Sciences Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychology, Stomatology
Faculty : Law and Humanity Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Law, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Sports, Translation and Interpretation

General information

Alternative names UCV
César Vallejo University
Universidad César Vallejo
Founded 1991
Accreditation Superintendencia Nacional de Educación Superior Universitaria (SUNEDU)
Motto Scientific, humanistic and technological

Location and contacts

Address Av. Victor Larco 1770
Trujillo, La Libertad
City population 920,000

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