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#3110 of 14,131 In the World
#197 of 1,756 In Latin America
#21 of 190 In Colombia
#8 of 72 In Bogota
#1658 of 3,195 For Wildlife and Fisheries Management & Conservation
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Acceptance rate
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Acceptance rate & Admissions

Acceptance Rate50%
Admissions RequirementsSecondary school certificate (bachillerato) and State examination (ICFES test)
Academic CalendarJanuary to November (January - May; August-November)

We've calculated the 50% acceptance rate for Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

Research profile

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota has published 2,627 scientific papers with 10,645 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Philosophy, Environmental Science, Political Science, Geography and Cartography, Biology, Ecology, Engineering, Geology, and Law.


Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota majors

by publication & citation count

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
2,086 / 5,620
1,637 / 2,022
Environmental Science
1,223 / 8,341
Political Science
993 / 2,330
Geography and Cartography
824 / 4,464
783 / 7,001
656 / 7,181
544 / 4,965
503 / 4,709
471 / 1,853
412 / 3,299
Computer Science
400 / 2,969
396 / 1,691
379 / 3,282
376 / 3,276
332 / 2,525
331 / 2,552
318 / 1,528
290 / 2,519
Quantum and Particle physics
270 / 2,320
255 / 3,445
254 / 2,914
248 / 2,140
Wildlife and Fisheries Management & Conservation
242 / 2,169
225 / 1,394
Art & Design
218 / 947
Organic Chemistry
212 / 2,036
204 / 1,622
190 / 1,797
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
187 / 1,195
182 / 617
Agricultural Science
181 / 3,315
176 / 1,146
161 / 753
Public Health
146 / 1,289
Electrical Engineering
144 / 1,505
142 / 992
Materials Science
132 / 1,052
127 / 1,940
127 / 2,437

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 0 0
1992 1 0
1993 1 1
1994 1 0
1995 3 0
1996 2 0
1997 0 2
1998 4 3
1999 16 1
2000 7 1
2001 9 4
2002 17 4
2003 8 6
2004 15 7
2005 13 12
2006 28 22
2007 34 34
2008 66 50
2009 59 71
2010 114 113
2011 201 186
2012 254 254
2013 125 280
2014 128 334
2015 134 401
2016 180 419
2017 188 508
2018 207 665
2019 212 945
2020 179 1316
2021 150 1586
2022 128 1567
2023 108 1575
Academic rankings

Programs and Degrees

Profesional Universitario Accountancy, Advertising and Publicity, Agriculture, Architecture, Art History, Art Management, Banking, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Cinema and Television, Computer Engineering, Design, Ecology, Economics, Electronics and Automation, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Fashion Design, Finance, Food Technology, Government, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Literature, Marine Biology, Marketing, Mass Communication, Photography, Political Sciences, Publishing and Book Trade, Visual Arts
Especialización Accountancy, Administration, Advertising and Publicity, Agriculture, Art Management, Banking, Consumer Studies, Data Processing, Design, Environmental Studies, Finance, Health Administration, Horticulture, Human Resources, International Business, Journalism, Law, Management, Marketing, Occupational Health, Production Engineering, Public Administration, Taxation, Town Planning, Transport Management
Maestría Advertising and Publicity, Aesthetics, Architecture, Art History, Art Management, Bioengineering, Business and Commerce, Cinema and Television, Civics, Coastal Studies, Communication Studies, Data Processing, Economics, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Health Administration, Human Rights, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, Law, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Media Studies, Multimedia, Natural Sciences, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Rural Planning, Town Planning, Water Management
Doctorado Engineering, Environmental Studies, Marine Science and Oceanography, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Social Studies

Notable alumni

  1. Juan Pablo Shuk

    Juan Pablo Shuk
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1965-.. (age 59)
    television actoractor

    Juan Pablo Shuk Aparicio is a Colombian actor who lives and works in Colombia and Spain. He is married to Ana de la Lastra.

  2. Lina Marulanda Cuarta

    Lina Marulanda Cuarta
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1980-2010 (aged 30)
    Enrolled in Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota
    Graduated with Licentiate in advertising
    modeltelevision presenterradio personalityactorbusinessperson

    Lina Marulanda was a Colombian television personality and model.

  3. Jealisse Andrea Tovar Velásquez

    Jealisse Andrea Tovar Velásquez
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1993-.. (age 31)
    beauty pageant contestantmodel

    Jealisse Andrea Tovar Velásquez simply known as Andrea Tovar, is a Colombian model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Colombia 2015, representing Colombia at Miss Universe 2016, where she ended up as 2nd runner-up.

  4. Doris Salcedo

    Doris Salcedo
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1958-.. (age 66)

    Doris Salcedo is a Colombian-born visual artist and sculptor. Her work is influenced by her experiences of life in Colombia and is generally composed of commonplace items such as wooden furniture, clothing, concrete, grass, and rose petals. Salcedo's work gives form to pain, trauma, and loss, while creating space for individual and collective mourning. These themes stem from her own personal history. Members of her own family were among the many people who have disappeared in politically troubled Colombia. Much of her work deals with the fact that, while the death of a loved one can be mourned, their disappearance leaves an unbearable emptiness. Salcedo lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

  5. Carlos Calero

    Carlos Calero
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1972-.. (age 52)
    television presenter

    Carlos Alberto Calero Salcedo is a Colombian host and presenter. He was consul of Colombia in San Francisco, United States, although at the end of 2017 the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca annulled decree 1617 of October 2016, by means of which the renowned presenter had been appointed as consul of Colombia in San Francisco.

  6. Angelino Garzón

    Angelino Garzón
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1956-.. (age 68)
    diplomattrade unionistpolitician

    Angelino Garzón Quintero is a Colombian politician who served as Vice President of Colombia, under President Juan Manuel Santos. He was the 69th Governor of Valle del Cauca from 2004 to 2008, and served as the second Minister of Labour and Social Protection under the administration of President Andrés Pastrana Arango. He was Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations Office at Geneva from 29 January 2009 until his resignation in March 2010, in preparation for his election to the Vice Presidency.

  7. Camilo Reyes Rodríguez

    Camilo Reyes Rodríguez
    20th Century

    Camilo Reyes Rodríguez is a Colombian diplomat and the former Colombian Ambassador to the United States.

  8. Luis Fernando Ramírez

    Luis Fernando Ramírez
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1959-.. (age 65)

    Luis Fernando Ramírez Acuña is a Colombian public accountant, former defense and labor minister and vice presidential candidate. Ramírez led the Ministry of Defense during President Andrés Pastrana's government and had to deal with the peace process (1999–2002) between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In May 2001 Ramirez quit his job as defense minister. As Minister of Labor he was the leader of the Social Security Reform that introduced in Colombia the capitalization system run by private pension Funds. Ramirez also served as Vice Minister of Finance and was also director of the Internal Revenue System.

  9. Nicolás Casanova

    Nicolás Casanova
    Born in
    Colombia Flag Colombia
    1993-.. (age 31)
    film director

    Javier Nicolás Casanova Sampayo is a Colombian filmmaker. He has been member of the Colombian Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences since 2020.

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogota faculties and divisions

Department/Division : Basic Sciences Chemistry, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Statistics
Department/Division : Humanities Aesthetics, Art History, Communication Studies
Department/Division : Languages English, French, Portuguese
Faculty : Arts and Design Advertising and Publicity, Cinema and Television, Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Multimedia, Photography, Regional Planning, Town Planning
Faculty : Economics and Administrative Sciences Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Farm Management, Finance, Health Administration, Human Resources, Information Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Occupational Health, Safety Engineering, Taxation, Transport Management
Faculty : Natural Sciences and Engineering Biology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Processing, Electronics and Automation, Energy Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Food Technology, Industrial Engineering, Marine Biology, Marine Science and Oceanography, Public Administration, Robotics
Faculty : Social Sciences Aesthetics, Art History, Cinema and Television, Communication Studies, Government, History of Law, Human Rights, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Mass Communication, Political Sciences, Speech Studies

General information

Alternative names UJTL
Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá
Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
Founded 1959
Accreditation Ministerio de Justicia

Location and contacts

Address Carrera 4 No. 22-61
City population 7,744,000

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