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#992 of 14,131 In the World
#379 of 2,785 In Europe
#35 of 224 In France
#2 of 4 In Centre-Val de Loire
#167 of 2,713 For Petrology and Geochemistry
Top50% For 118 other topics
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* The University of Orleans is among the institutions that don't provide data on acceptance rates. This might happen because the university has programs where applicants only need to meet admission requirements to enroll and don't necessarily compete with others.

We estimate the above acceptance rate based on admission statistics of closely ranked nearby universities with similar research profiles that do publish such data.

Acceptance rate & Admissions

Admissions RequirementsSecondary school certificate (baccalauréat) or equivalent, or special entrance examination
Academic CalendarOctober - June (October-December; January-March; April-June)

Research profile

University of Orleans is a world-class research university with 19,843 scientific papers published and 422,663 citations received. The research profile covers a range of fields, including Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Environmental Science, Quantum and Particle physics, Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and Geology.


University of Orleans majors

by publication & citation count

12,252 / 310,799
12,072 / 281,278
11,270 / 257,922
10,637 / 287,479
Environmental Science
9,522 / 245,214
Quantum and Particle physics
8,963 / 209,739
Organic Chemistry
8,375 / 206,182
Materials Science
6,849 / 158,658
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
6,194 / 102,469
6,179 / 174,616
Computer Science
5,267 / 108,989
5,039 / 136,692
Geography and Cartography
4,333 / 101,215
4,144 / 108,034
3,619 / 114,443
3,413 / 94,337
3,401 / 40,334
Optical Engineering
3,382 / 79,186
Metallurgical Engineering
3,204 / 79,701
3,050 / 81,620
2,723 / 57,983
Astrophysics and Astronomy
2,715 / 74,636
Nuclear Physics
2,542 / 65,509
Physical chemistry
2,466 / 61,970
Chemical Engineering
2,393 / 66,084
Earth science and Geophysics
2,331 / 78,959
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2,238 / 32,432
2,075 / 47,723
Political Science
2,069 / 23,687
2,025 / 32,159
2,024 / 48,379
Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
1,850 / 38,497
1,848 / 46,817
1,844 / 34,775
Environmental Chemistry
1,828 / 48,161
Electrical Engineering
1,820 / 33,110
Petrology and Geochemistry
1,779 / 64,601
Aerospace Engineering
1,769 / 38,749
1,670 / 43,131
Mechanical Engineering
1,618 / 31,727

Annual publication & citation counts

Year Publications Citations
1991 124 712
1992 149 893
1993 142 920
1994 217 1076
1995 170 1208
1996 259 1474
1997 287 1658
1998 298 1834
1999 285 1986
2000 259 2498
2001 319 2542
2002 318 3109
2003 314 3476
2004 324 3758
2005 388 4490
2006 399 5386
2007 408 5854
2008 525 7274
2009 529 8209
2010 589 9025
2011 726 11000
2012 703 12498
2013 777 15351
2014 849 17027
2015 883 19575
2016 922 21014
2017 894 22516
2018 1089 26253
2019 983 29469
2020 1152 35148
2021 1210 43043
2022 1010 44462
2023 1051 46021
Academic rankings


The tuition table for University of Orleans gives an overview of costs but prices are approximate and subject to change and don't include accommodation, textbooks, or living expenses. The costs of programs might differ significantly for local and international students. The only source of truth for current numbers is the university's official website.

Program Annual Tuition Cost (in Euros)
Bachelor's Degree 170
Master's Degree 240
Doctoral Degree 380

Programs and Degrees

The table below displays academic fields with programs and courses that lead to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees offered by University of Orleans.

Note that the table provides a general overview and might not cover all the specific majors available at the university. Always visit the university's website for the most up-to-date information on the programs offered.

Programs Bachelor Master Doctoral
Art & Design Yes Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Computer Science Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Science Yes Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Yes Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Medicine No No No
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Psychology Yes Yes Yes
Licence Administration, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Health Sciences, Law, Literature, Management, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages, Natural Sciences, Physics, Social Sciences, Sports
Licence professionnelle Administration, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Sports, Technology
Diplôme d'ingénieur Engineering
Master Administration, Arts and Humanities, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Earth Sciences, Economics, Electronics and Automation, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages, Natural Sciences, Robotics, Social Sciences, Sports, Teacher Training
Doctorat Administration, Arts and Humanities, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Earth Sciences, Economics, Energy Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Materials Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages, Physics, Social Sciences, Sports

University of Orleans alumni

  1. Molière

    Born in
    France Flag France
    1622-1673 (aged 51)
    theatre managerwriterstage actorsatiristplaywright

    Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, was a French playwright, actor, and poet, widely regarded as one of the great writers in the French language and world literature. His extant works include comedies, farces, tragicomedies, comédie-ballets, and more. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed at the Comédie-Française more often than those of any other playwright today. His influence is such that the French language is often referred to as the "language of Molière".

  2. John Calvin

    John Calvin
    Born in
    France Flag France
    1509-1564 (aged 55)
    Christian ministerwriterlawyerpastorProtestant reformer

    John Calvin was a French theologian, pastor and reformer in Geneva during the Protestant Reformation. He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism, including its doctrines of predestination and of God's absolute sovereignty in the salvation of the human soul from death and eternal damnation. Calvinist doctrines were influenced by and elaborated upon the Augustinian and other Christian traditions. Various Congregational, Reformed and Presbyterian churches, which look to Calvin as the chief expositor of their beliefs, have spread throughout the world.

  3. Charles Perrault

    Charles Perrault
    Born in
    France Flag France
    1628-1703 (aged 75)
    collector of fairy talescriticchildren's writerwriterpoet lawyer

    Charles Perrault was a French author and member of the Académie Française. He laid the foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale, with his works derived from earlier folk tales, published in his 1697 book Histoires ou contes du temps passé (Stories or Tales from Past Times). The best known of his tales include "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" ("Little Red Riding Hood"), "Cendrillon" ("Cinderella"), "Le Maître chat ou le Chat botté" ("Puss in Boots"), "La Belle au bois dormant" ("Sleeping Beauty"), and "Barbe Bleue" ("Bluebeard").

  4. Pierre de Fermat

    Pierre de Fermat
    Born in
    France Flag France
    1607-1665 (aged 58)

    Pierre de Fermat was a French mathematician who is given credit for early developments that led to infinitesimal calculus, including his technique of adequality. In particular, he is recognized for his discovery of an original method of finding the greatest and the smallest ordinates of curved lines, which is analogous to that of differential calculus, then unknown, and his research into number theory. He made notable contributions to analytic geometry, probability, and optics. He is best known for his Fermat's principle for light propagation and his Fermat's Last Theorem in number theory, which he described in a note at the margin of a copy of Diophantus' Arithmetica. He was also a lawyer at the Parlement of Toulouse, France.

All 40 notable alumni

University of Orleans faculties and divisions

Faculty : Law, Economics and Management Business Administration, Economics, Law, Management
Faculty : Letters, Humanities, and Languages Arts and Humanities, English, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Spanish
Faculty : Science and Tecnology Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Information Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Sports, Technology
Institute : Technology (IUT Chartres) Business Computing, Electrical Engineering, Maintenance Technology, Technology, Transport Engineering
Institute : Technology (IUT Châteauroux) Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management, Technology
Institute : Technology (IUT Indre) Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Technology
Institute : Technology (IUT, Bourges) Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Technology
Research Division : Observatory for Sciences of the Universe (OSUC) Astrophysics, Environmental Studies, Geophysics
School : Engineering (ENSI de Bourges) Engineering
School : Engineering (Polytech') Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optics, Production Engineering
School : Teacher Training (ESPE) Teacher Trainers Education, Teacher Training

General information

Alternative names UO
University of Orléans
Université d'Orléans
Founded 1962
Accreditation Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Location and contacts

Address BP 6749 Château de la Source
Orléans, 45067
City population 117,000

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